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I’m a hip hop dancer. {review}


Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please visit Ubi.com to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps

When I was in high school, one of my nicknames was “K-Dog.” I like to pretend it was because I was this awesome dancer, especially when it came to my favorite hip hop music (which was almost all I listened to during those formative 4 years).

So when I got the opportunity to review The Hip Hop Dance Experience Wii game by Ubisoft, I jumped on it. Because of course I’m just as good of a dancer as I was 18 years ago.

You guys, the music is TO. DIE. FOR. on this game if you like hip hop / R&B music. Some of my faves: Da Brat’s “Funkdafied”, Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne’s “Down”, B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore’s “Airplanes”, New Edition’s “If it isn’t Love” and TLC’s “Creep”. I could totally go on about the music. It’s so amazing. (It also includes Adam’s favorite – “Sexy and I Know It.” Vomit.)

Here’s the thing. It’s hard. There’s an option to learn what all the dance moves are by name (because that’s how they tell you what’s coming next) and I would totally suggest you learn EVERY. ONE. before really playing the game. I would have done a TON better if I had realized that before watching Adam play tonight.

But it’s so fun. It’s just not for your tween to play with you, even if she is taking a hip hop class and loves the music. Take my word for it. This is a “Teen” rated game.

So here’s what you’ve been waiting for: a video of me, trying to play this game for the first time.

You didn’t really think I’d show you the whole thing, right? I’m pregnant dude. You don’t want to see me dancing to “Down” which is one of the hardest on the game. I promise.

By the way, the game is on sale here for only $29.99 right now. You should snatch it up and then we’ll battle once we know the current dance moves for this new hip hop generation. I promise I won’t video tape it. 🙂