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Chicken Pomodori Panini and a giveaway!

Last week, I was invited to Indiana’s first Corner Bakery Cafe located in Carmel at Clay Terrace to see the space and eat some delicious food. (And it *was* delicious.) The cafe just opened mid-August.CornerBakeryCafe_National_Logo

A quick disclaimer: I don’t make it up to Carmel very often. I really only go there when I’m visiting or meeting friends. It’s a good 30 minutes from my house without traffic, so I generally stay closer to home, though each time I make the trip I marvel at the beautiful green spaces, the clean and pretty retail centers and grocery stores and simply at the sheer MULTITUDE of cool shops and spaces that we don’t have in urban Indy.

But my jaunt up to Corner Bakery Cafe (during rush hour even) was worth it once I arrived. With a ton of windows, I was loving all the natural light immediately as I walked in and it’s very family-friendly. And then the food arrived.

Since I’m gluten-free, I was a bit nervous about what I might be getting into since the menu isn’t very GF friendly at first glance. But make known that you’re gluten-free and there are several substitutions that will leave you full and happy with your meal.

I sampled the Anaheim Scrambler (eggs, bacon, tomatoes, green onions, cheddar cheese and avocado) with fresh fruit and it was wonderful, light and seasoned perfectly. The cafe brings in over 40 fresh fruits and veggies each day – and I could taste and see how fresh the ingredients were.

And then I ate the most amazing sandwich I may have ever tasted: the Chicken Pomodori Panini. It’s traditionally served on sourdough (which holy cow, looked amazing) but mine was served on a gluten-free wrap. And I loved it. (I was trying to figure out some better, more elegant way of stating that, but I just couldn’t. I simply loved it.)

Chicken Pomodori Panini pic

Here’s the second to best part of my visit to the cafe: they gave me the recipe for the Chicken Pomodori Panini to make at home! And… to share with you. 🙂

Chicken Pomodori Panini from Corner Bakery Cafe


  • 2 slices of Sourdough Bread (or any other bread or wrap of your choice)
  • Butter
  • Garlic Butter
  • 4 slices of Provolone Cheese
  • 3 oz. of Sliced Chicken
  • 1 oz. of Roasted Tomatoes
  • 3 leaves of Fresh Basil
  • 1/2 oz. of Fresh Spinach
  • 1/2 oz. of Pesto Mayo


  1. Butter both slices of break on the outside and brush the inside of the bottom slice of bread with garlic butter.
  2. Layer two slices of cheese, chicken, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and spinach.
  3. Add the last two slices of cheese and top with the second slice of bread.
  4. Grill to golden perfection on a panini grill, adding the pesto mayo just before removing from the grill.

The recipe is so simple and you could easily prepare the sandwiches at home and take to a tailgate and heat on a charcoal grill instead of a panini grill for a tasty and different addition to traditional tailgate fare.

But here’s the best part of my visit to Corner Bakery Cafe: they gave me $25 in gift certificates to give away to one lucky reader! All you have to do is comment below and tell me your favorite Corner Bakery Cafe menu item OR your favorite tailgate food (since it *is* football season after all).

Want a second entry? Share this post on Facebook or Twitter then come back and leave ANOTHER comment stating you did so. (Make sure to leave a link to the share or tag me in it so I can see that you really did share it.)

Now go visit the Clay Terrace Corner Bakery Cafe! (And invite me. 🙂 ) Did I mention they have free wifi? 😉


Giveaway Details: This giveaway will run through Sunday, September 27th. One winner will be randomly selected and notified by email. The winner will have 24 hours to reply to my email or another winner will be selected. No exceptions.

small things and the Indiana State Fair {GIVEAWAY!}

A couple weeks ago in church, I was kind of put in my place.

See, I’ve always been very irritated with how poor people eat. I’m not gonna lie. Standing in line behind someone using food stamps to purchase crap food has always been a huge struggle for me. And I was always so confused why women couldn’t figure out what WIC vouchers cover.

And then my eyes were opened by one comment at church: People who live in poverty don’t have access to grocery stores that provide good food choices – they live by gas stations and convenience stores.

So I started doing some research. I found my zip code in Indianapolis (46202) has the highest percentage of population below the poverty level. Poverty

Want to know something even crazier? There’s only ONE major grocery store in my ENTIRE zip code. One Kroger that we lovingly call GK (Ghetto Kroger) or Kroghetto. Not a single Marsh, Meijer, Aldi or Target. When I search for “grocery stores in Indianapolis 46202” only Kroghetto shows up. How are people living in poverty, heavily relying on public transportation, shopping at grocery stores with healthy food options? They simply aren’t.

To research further, I looked at the WIC food requirements. Have you seen them?! Holy details Batman. Take a look: Seriously. Just take a few minutes and look at the requirements of what you can purchase with WIC. Two examples:

  1. You can only buy a dozen large or extra large white eggs (not medium, not 1/2 dozen, not brown, not cage free, not even the brand Eggland’s Best).
  2. You can only buy peanut butter in 16 – 18 oz. jars and you cannot buy: spread, organic, mixed with jelly, marshmallow, honey, Smucker’s Natural, Fifty 50, Jif Omega 3, Smart Balance, Krema, Better’n Peanut Butter, Health Valley, Reese’s, or even natural peanut butter.

These are only two examples. There are so many restrictions on even healthy items you can buy it would take a crazy amount of time to plan and then also to shop. It makes my head swirl and I’m a completely competent, seasoned, healthy food grocery shopper. Add taking your kids with you to the grocery store with you and I think I might lose it. For real.

So when I read about easy simple ways I can help my community feed those who are hungry, I get excited. Insert another thing I get (overly) excited about: the Indiana State Fair. Put them together?! YEEHAW!!!

Indiana State Fair attendees who follow the Indiana’s Family of Farmers (IFOF) Recipe Trail at the fairgrounds will help feed the hungry (and receive a kitchen towel printed with a food safety tip). For each person who finishes the trail, IFOF partners with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry (FIsH) to donate one pound of food to food banks across the state. Last year, recipe trail travelers donated $8,372 worth of food. Let’s do better this year.

All you have to do is collect recipe cards from 10 locations around the fairgrounds and bring them to the IFOF booth at the DuPont Food Pavilion where you’ll receive your towel and get counted as a donor of a pound of food. (Extra perk: The booth also features a chance to register for a grand prize of a Frigidaire® chest freezer.)

One side of the IFOF recipe card features a recipe from a real farmer around Indiana and highlights Indiana’s commodities such as pork, beef, poultry, soybeans, corn and dairy, along with an Indiana wine pairing. (Yay!) On the reverse side of the card, fairgoers will meet the farmer and read a personal story from his or her family.

You can find the recipe cards at:

  • Exposition Hall (Rose Acre Farms booth)
  • DuPont Food Pavilion (3 stops: Purdue, Indiana Beef, Indiana Wine & Grape Council)
  • Habitat for Humanity Ag House
  • Indiana Farm Bureau Building
  • Glass Barn
  • Normandy Barn
  • Pathway to Water Quality
  • Final stop/recipe redemption point: IFoF booth at DuPont Food Pavilion

While I know going to the state fair and completing the recipe trail isn’t going to fix poverty, it *is* going to help. What’s that saying? Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact? I mean, you’re already going to the fair, so you might as well do a small recipe trail. It’ll have an impact. I promise.

OH WAIT! You don’t have tickets to the state fair yet?! LUCKY FOR YOU because, thanks to my fine friends at Indiana’s Family of Farmers, I have a 4-pack of Indiana State Fair tickets to give away! (Which opens FRIDAY by the way! YEEHAW!!!)

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about the Indiana State Fair. Easy peasy, but required.

Want additional entries? Earn up to two additional entries by completing each of the following:

  • Share this post on Facebook (and come back leaving me a comment telling me you did so).
  • Follow me on Twitter (@katieunscripted) and tweet about this giveaway, linking back to this post. (Something like “Win 4 tickets to the @IndyStateFair where you can do the @FamilyofFarmers recipe trail benefiting @FeedINsHungry.”) Again, come back and leave me a link to your tweet.

(Sorry, while you’re welcome to share and tweet all you’d like about this giveaway, only one FB share and one tweet will count. Giveaway runs from now until 11:59pm on Friday, August 1st. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions.)


Disclosure: As an IFOF Ambassador, I received four tickets to attend the Indiana State Fair and four tickets for this giveaway. This is a sponsored post. Though, as always, all thoughts and opinions are completely mine. (Let’s be honest – my love for the fair isn’t news to anyone.)

Adventures in cloth diapering (and a giveaway!)

Where does time go?! This (not so) little guy? Nine months old already. Nuts.Isaac 9 months old

It feels like forever ago, when I was about 5 months pregnant, that I started considering what it would look like to switch to cloth diapers for Isaac, simply because of the cost of disposable diapers. Adding an unexpected FOURTH child to our family sent chills up my spine when I thought about how it would affect our family financially.

But after my beginning internet searches and social media polls, I felt totally overwhelmed by all the choices and the HUGE price differences in the cloth diaper world. I mean, a single cloth diaper can cost up to $40. But you can also find them for under $10 on Etsy. I just couldn’t figure out from online research if the expensive diapers were really any better than the cheapo ones. I even had contacted a company about their diapers, trying to figure out if their cheaper diapers held up to the more expensive ones. They kindly sent me one to review.

And I kindly gave up on the idea once Isaac was born. I just couldn’t handle the thought of more laundry. And then I looked at our budget, shrinking because of so many things, but one HUGE change was of course buying disposable diapers SO. FREAKING. OFTEN. It was seriously money thrown in the trash can. 5-6 times a day. Every day. With no end in sight.

So I pulled out the diaper Glow Bug Cloth Diapers sent to me so long ago and bought some gently used (bumGenius 4.0) cloth diapers from a good friend and committed. Adam, not so eagerly, let me do it.

I was curious to see if the Glow Bug diaper (priced at $12.50 each) held up to the bumGenius 4.0 diaper (priced at about $18 each). I’ve been amazingly surprised and actually prefer my Glow Bug to the bumGenius 4.0. Here are a few reasons why:

First: Double Gussets. The only consistent problem I’ve had with cloth diapers is a small amount of leaking around the legs. But I have less leaking with my Glow Bug diaper and I think it’s because of the double gussets. (Now, they have recently changed the gussets and now they have a 360* gusset that is supposed to help keep the pooh contained better. It still provides the same double gusset around the legs, which is the most important part to me.)Glow Bug double gusset

There are two openings with waterproof flaps to help prevent leaking as well. This is a pretty standard feature on cloth diapers from what I’ve seen.

Another feature that I love is the wing snaps, which help prevent drooping and gaping around the waist. The bumGenius 4.0 doesn’t have this extra snap and I think it’s a great, simple addition to the Glow Bug diaper.Glow Bug wing snaps

I also love LOVE how stinking cute the diaper is. I really didn’t think I’d care what the diaper looked like since it’s under clothes, but I just want to let Isaac hang out in just his diaper because he has cassette tapes on his bum.Glow Bug pattern

One other thing I love about this diaper is how it fits. I really don’t like the bulk of cloth diapers, so having a slimmer diaper is a great option for us. Glow Bug uses a new SlimDry™ fabric that keeps baby’s skin dry without the bulk. The elastic at the back of the diaper is also much stretchier on the Glow Bug diaper which I think is helpful when you have a baby who’s packing a little extra chunk.Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

I do have to say, I know there’s wear on my bumGenius diapers since I bought them used. I really should point that out, that I don’t have NEW bumGenius. BUT STILL, if I were buying cloth diapers again, I’d truthfully buy these over the bumGenius 4.0’s. I’m that impressed. Here are their design features from their website:

  • Each set of 12 diapers are packaged in a free wet bag!!!
  • Two sets of cross-over snaps through the waist band for a perfect fit around newborn tummies
  • Double rows of snaps with square tabs for a trim fit through the hip
  • 2 hip snaps to prevent “wing droop”
  • Four size settings fitting babies from birth through potty training (7lbs-35lbs)
  • Coordinating colored snaps for every print
  • Waterproof flaps in the front and the back of each diaper to prevent leaks
  • NEW Revolutionary 360° Gusset design – 360 degrees of protection!
  • NEW SlimDry™ fabric keeps baby’s skin dry without the bulk
  • Two openings in the pocket makes it easier to get the absorbent inset in and out
  • Snap-in inserts to keep it in place while baby’s on the move

That being said, one thing I don’t love is that you can’t buy a single diaper right now. They only come in packs of 12. So not great if you just want to add a few to your stash. And not great if you are really specific about patterns, because you don’t get to pick and choose which 12 you want. The patterns are super cute though, and brand new patterns are being released on March 1st and April 1st. (You can preview them on their Facebook page.)

(Update: They do have a sale once a month where you can pick and choose single diapers through their Glow Bug and Friends group on Facebook.  Here is a link to the group:

But you can WIN one Glow Bug cloth diaper right here thanks to Glow Bug! Simply enter by using the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Details: The contest is open through Monday, February 10th. The winner will be chosen and contacted via email on Tuesday, February 11th (so please make sure your email address is correct so I can reach you). The winner will have 24 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions. 

Want to get a great deal? Because Glow Bug is releasing new patterns on April 1st, they are having a great sale on their diaper sets. You can get a package of 12 diapers (plus a wet bag) for $137 or 2 packages for $257. That takes the per diaper price down to $11.42 and $10.71, respectively. Click here to order: Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Store.


Disclosure: I received a free cloth diaper from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers in order to complete this review. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are mine.

Jamberry Nails Review & Giveaway!

About 6 weeks ago I was invited to an online Facebook party for Jamberry Nails. I had seen a friend post pictures of her “Jamicures” on social media and thought her nails looked pretty but really didn’t think much else about it. But I decided to “attend” her online party just to support her and to try to win a free sheet of nail wraps. 🙂

And then that friend gave me a sample to try so I knew what Jamberry Nails wraps were. And then I got hooked.

See, I used to do my nails ALL. THE. TIME. I painted them every week, touching up chipping nails mid-week, and buying new colors whenever I saw something new. (I have probably 50 bottles of varying colors in our closet upstairs.) And then I had kids.

I no longer had the time to keep up with my manicures. And I just couldn’t justify spending the money to have them done professionally since I was only working part-time. So my pretty nail days were over.

And I mean really over. Because every time I decided to do my nails, two days later they looked like hell. Polished nails cannot stand the wear from dishes and baths for several kids. Plus, each night I tried to paint my nails, without exception, someone would wake up while my nails were still wet and they’d get ruined. Or I’d forget I had to get laundry done for dress uniform day the following day and I’d remember RIGHT when I was done painting my nails.

But then I found Jamberry.purple pinstripe matte

Jamberry Nails are a new and innovative way to avoid nail polish drying time, chipping and pricey visits to the salon. They are a DIY DREAM. They come in over 300+ designs (plus a nail art studio where you can design your own!), last up to 2 weeks on fingernails, 6 weeks on toenails and WILL NOT CHIP. They are a vinyl adhesive wrap that is heat activated and pressure sealed to the nail. Bonus: they will NOT damage your nail when removed properly. They also have Junior wraps for little girls!

I’m in love. 

My nails have never looked so good for so long with so little work. For $15/sheet of wraps, I can get 2-3 manicures. And my nails are still healthy. Gray & Silver Horizontal Stripes

I love these wraps so much, I even made the jump and became a consultant. I’ve never done anything like this before. But having my nails done makes me feel good. Makes part of me feel pretty when I definitely don’t feel that way about any other part of my body. And I wanted discounted wraps. 🙂

Want to win a sheet of your choice? Well, today’s your lucky day! I’m giving away a free sheet of nail wraps to one reader to celebrate my new adventure (and pretty nails!). Simply enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Details: The contest is open through Monday, December 2nd. The winner will be chosen and contacted via email on Tuesday, December 3rd. (so please make sure your email address is correct so I can reach you). The winner will have 24 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions. Winner will receive the standard $15 sheet of nail wraps listed in the mandatory blog comment entry.

Already love Jamberry? Then you’ll love the exclusive styles being offered on Black Friday only! These wraps are part of the Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion AND you get free shipping on these styles only. Buy here: Plus, if you place an order by December 6th and select “My First Party” when you check out, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free sheet of wraps to be given away on December 7th! (This giveaway is separate from the giveaway above.)

black friday collage


Goofballs, Space Cadets & Super Weirdos (Giveaway!)

I make the girls’ lunches most school days. And with few exceptions, their lunches consist of the same four things each day: sandwich, chips, fruit, yogurt. Plus milk.

Yeah, yeah, I know there are tons of blogs out there sharing great, fun, new things I could put in their lunches each day. You go ahead and do that. Ain’t nobody got time for that in this house.

But I do try to sneak little notes in every once in a while. Okay, so maybe once a month. Lunches aren’t my forte, don’t judge. It’s just that mornings are crazy nuts and trying to find a napkin and a marker (because pens and pencils are hard to write with on napkins without ripping them) to make a sweet little note to my kids who NEVER say “Hey mom, thanks for that sweet note to let me know you love me in my lunch today” is just NOT WORTH IT.

And then I heard about Lunchbox Buddies. Oh my gosh. They’re awesome.Lunchbox Buddies

Lunchbox Buddies are little pads of goofy cartoons with funny little captions. You tear one off and pop it in the lunch box. The one above makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. “Give me five!!!” Ha!

Lunchbox Buddies was developed by Jim & Monika Adorney, when Jim would draw goofy cartoons on his daughters’ lunchbox notes, which quickly became a hit at school. So the family began developing new characters and themes for Jim’s designs.Goofballs & Space Cadets

The first two character lines – Goofballs and Space Cadets – were launched in 2012 on the East Coast. Now you can pick them up in one of my favorite toy stores in Indy – Mass Ave Toys. And later this fall, a new character line of superheroes called Super Weirdos will launch. All three lines define my girls completely. 🙂

What did the girls think? I got the exact reaction out of each one: “WHAT did you put in my lunchbox today?!” with huge smiles on their faces. They cracked up. Cami said “I’m going to keep them all and make a collection.” She made all the kids at her lunch table high-five her character. And since they come in black and white, she informed me that she’s going to color them. They both wanted to look at the rest of them, but I wouldn’t let them so they’d be surprised each time they found one.

Want to test some out with your kiddos? Win some here! One lucky reader will win a 2-pack of Lunchbox Buddies characters! Just enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Details: The contest is open through Thursday, November 28th. The winner will be chosen and contacted via email on Friday, November 29th (so please make sure your email address is correct so I can reach you). The winner will have 24 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions.

Want more chances to win? Visit my friend Michelle’s giveaway on her blog over at Gotchababy and Crystal’s giveaway at Mom for Less.

Disclosure: I received two packs of Lunchbox Buddies for this review. I was not paid for this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are completely mine.

Children’s Museum Haunted House preview and giveaway!

We start looking forward to the Children’s Museum’s haunted house each June when we enroll in the library’s summer reading program. One of our must-purchase items with our earned points? Haunted House tickets. We love it SO. MUCH. And this year’s haunted house opens TOMORROW (October 10th)!!

Did you know that our museum has the nation’s oldest continually-operated haunted house? And this year marks the 50th anniversary.50 years of fear


This year you can step into a time machine and literally disappear into Halloweens of years past in Time Warp: 50 Years of Fear.Time machine entrance

It takes you through 50 years of pop culture through a creepy, three-dimensional lens.

3D glasses

Here’s a quick summary of the rooms you’ll creep through:

  • 1964 : Upside Down Room
  • 1968 : Moon Room (where lava comes up off the floor in my favorite 3D room)Lava
  • 1970’s : Haunted Hangout, a retro basement party
  • 1977 : Star Wars Creepy Cantina (where Lucas will speak to you in his best Darth voice the whole time you’re in that room)Darth Vader
  • 1980’s : Gruesome Game Room and a life-size pinball machine
  • 1983 : Zombie Zone, a tribute to the iconic Thriller video (and just maybe you might catch a glimpse of Michael Jackson himself)
  • 1990’s : Wicked World Web, featuring a six-foot spider in 3D
  • 1999/2000 : Y-2 Kaos
  • Future : complete with flying carsFuture

It’s a definite must-see. I think all ages will enjoy this year’s theme. And all ages are being catered to this year as well. In addition to the normal Lights-on Hours and Frightening Hours, they’ve added Friday night Xtreme Scream! hours that offer the ultimate mind/body, fright experience in a psychological thriller sort of way.

The museum also has two other Halloween-inspired events you should visit – the Bat Encounter (Oct. 17, 18 & 19 at various times) where you can observe a variety of live bats from around the world and the Hollywood Haunts exhibit where you can witness monster movie magic up-close from some of Hollywood’s most popular sci-fi, horror and adventure movies. (Both are included in the cost of museum admission by the way.)

For more information on hours and tickets, visit

Want to win a family four-pack of tickets for Haunted House admission? The Children’s Museum has given me four Haunted House admissions to give away to one lucky reader! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what one haunted room you’re most looking forward to visiting.

Want to increase your chances of winning? You can earn up to 2 more entries by:

  1. Sharing this post on Facebook. Come back to this post and leave another comment telling me you did so with a link to your personal Facebook page.
  2. Following me on Twitter (@katieunscripted) and tweeting about this giveaway. Something like this: “Enter to win 4 admissions to Time Warp: 50 Years of Fear Haunted House @TCMIndy from @katieunscripted.”. Again, come back and leave another comment telling me that you tweeted with a link to the tweet.

Details: The contest is open through Sunday, October 13th. The winner will be chosen and contacted via email on Monday, October 14th (so please make sure your email address is included in at least one of your comments below so I can reach you). The winner will have 24 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions.

Want more chances to win? Visit:


Thanks to The Children’s Museum for hosting me and the boys for a great preview of the Haunted House. We can’t wait to take the girls to be scared again!

Playscape Preview

Last night, Lucas, Isaac and I spent the evening at a special preview of the new Playscape at The Children’s Museum that opens Saturday, Aug. 31st.

I’ll be honest: I used to feel like the old Playscape was in a cave. No windows and no natural light. Great things to play with but in small, cramped spaces. While my kids liked playing there, I really didn’t like spending time in that part of the museum at all.

Until now. You guys, this new Playscape? It’s amazing.

Don’t worry. There’s still water.The Creek at Playscape

There’s still sand.The Sandbox at Playscape

But there’s SO! MUCH! MORE! including two full walls of windows. There are large, open play spaces. There are BALLS.Balls at Playscape

Okay, so not just a bunch of balls, but this: the Reaction Contraption.Reaction Contraption at Playscape

Lucas has always loved the tracks and ramps in ScienceWorks, but it’s just too big and hard for him to maneuver. Well now he has one built just for him.Reaction Contraption at Playscape

And when he’s done working with the ball tracks, he can move over to building towers with blocks. Just a bit of inspiration in the middle.Block Tower at Playscape

Tired of sitting still while building a tower? Then move those legs on over to The Pond and climb to the top to get in the boat.The Pond at Playscape

There’s also an art area with inspiration from nature all around, an amazing music room with tons of instruments to play and the Whirly Twirly Tower. And there’s also Babyscape within Playscape – which is far from a place for just babies. It’s designed for infants and toddlers and Lucas had a blast in that area too. Isaac is just a bit too young, but man, he’s going to LOVE IT come this fall and winter, when I’m sure we’ll be spending a TON of time there. Me & Isaac

One more thing: there’s a Mother’s Room, built for moms and kiddos only. There are three separate, private spaces for moms to feed their babies or rock to sleep with a tv and a basket full of books for that older child who is with you. Ahem, exactly a space for me, Isaac and Lucas.Mother's Room at Playscape

We spent two hours in Playscape and Lucas was NOT happy when it was time to leave. There is so much to do, and since there are so many windows and natural light, you don’t feel trapped so you can stay with your 5 and under kiddos for a LONG time.

You want to go, don’t you? Well, lucky for you, because The Children’s Museum gave me two museum admissions to give away! All you have to do is leave a comment about what you are most looking forward to seeing in the new Playscape!

Want to increase your chances of winning? You can earn up to 2 more entries by:

  1. Sharing this post on Facebook. Come back to this post and leave another comment telling me you did so with a link to your personal Facebook page.
  2. Following me on Twitter (@katieunscripted) and tweeting about this giveaway. Something like this: “Enter to win 2 admissions to @TCMIndy to see the new #Playscape from @katieunscripted.”. Again, come back and leave another comment telling me that you tweeted with a link to the tweet.

Details: The contest is open through Wednesday, September 4th. The winner will be chosen and contacted via email on Thursday, September 5th (so please make sure your email address is included in at least one of your comments below so I can reach you). The winner will have 24 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions.

Want another chance to win 2 admissions? Visit Meet the Fagans (till midnight 9/9).

Thanks to The Children’s Museum for hosting me and the boys for a great preview of the new Playscape. We can’t wait to go back to play more!