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Oh friends, it’s interesting once again to be living in Indiana. It’s finally Spring and it is was 26 degrees this morning. Tomorrow’s high is 64 and then it’s supposed to drop back down to 36 for a few days before it gets back to “normal” temps.

But that forecast is actually pretty normal for the beginning of Spring in Indiana.

What has been interesting this last week is this controversial religious freedom bill that has passed through the state Senate and House and is expected to be signed into law by the Governor this week. I will say upfront that I’m not well-versed enough on the bill to comment about whether I agree with it or not. All I’ve read is what has been in the news and part of the actual bill I tried to read last night but couldn’t get past the first two pages of legal verbiage that confused me more than anything. I will also say upfront that I don’t believe people should be denied service because of their sexual preference or their physical appearance.

But what I want to talk about tonight are the responses I’m reading all over social media about the passing of the bill. Most people are outraged. Most people disagree with the bill. Many are kind of freaking out about it. Many are talking about the fiscal ramifications of this bill due to companies, conventions, etc. pulling out of deals with Indiana directly because of this bill.

But more importantly, the response that has bashed my God.

See, my biggest issue with the bill (as I’ve read) is that it’s about RELIGION. It’s not about Jesus. And that’s what I want to stress : IT’S NOT ABOUT JESUS. My God, My Jesus, he didn’t cover his ass with a religious freedom bill so he wouldn’t lose his business by getting sued because he wouldn’t bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. He loved his neighbors. Even if he didn’t agree with their actions. He loved them. He ate with them.

He wouldn’t have turned away a young unmarried couple who were expecting a baby together.

He wouldn’t have turned away someone who didn’t believe and act exactly as he did.

He wouldn’t have turned away me. A sinner for so many reasons.

Do you see now that this bill isn’t about my God? It’s about people who are afraid of people who are different. It’s about those who don’t know how to love others well. People who are misguided about what God’s love is and how they should pass it along.

So today I might not be proud of this religious freedom bill, but I will be proud of who I know Jesus to be and how he loved so well. And how he calls us to love just the same. So love well friends. If we love others well, regardless of our differences, everything will work itself out.

And businesses owned by people who don’t love well will fail. Of that I am sure.

4 thoughts on “Religious Freedom & Jesus

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  2. itsafabulouslife2014amanda

    This bill makes me really sad. All I can think about is that if someone uses this to tell someone that they wouldn’t serve them in their business because their life choices didn’t coincide with the owner’s faith then I would not be welcomed either. I am a Christian, but I’ve made choices in my life that don’t all live up to expectations. I’m divorced. The Bible is very clear on where that stands! I had my son when I was very young, before I was married. I have sinned. But I’ve also been saved with some amazing Grace. To me the hardest part of accepting Jesus was learning that I was worthy of being loved. I couldn’t imagine feeling like people were telling me I was not worth doing business with because of my sins. It also makes me sad, because I feel like for those who don’t know God, it makes it harder for me to show them that no, God does not discriminate! He loves all of his children. You could not do anything to lose that. You just need to accept his love. One thing that I hate is people using the amazing words of the Bible and to justify hating others. That’s not what I believe that they should be used for. 🙁

  3. Heather at Basilmomma

    Very well said! I have read the bill and it does scare me a little- there are ramifications for women as well should they ever want something from a health care professional that they do not wish to provide. It’s pretty wide spread and disheartening. At the end of the day all we can do is love one another and do the best we can in life.


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