Call me Carny

I think we’re going through (Indiana State Fair) withdrawal. Ferris Wheel

Monday, Lucas woke up and said to Alaina, “Can we ask Mommy to take us to the fair today?” And we waved at the fairgrounds as we drove by on the way to Target. Sniff.

Yesterday, I tweeted: “I believe that teaching your child to love the @IndyStateFair is extremely important. At least I have succeeded in one part of parenting.” Sniff sniff.

This evening, as I saw the weather for the tomorrow, I thought, “Oooh! It would be a great day for the fair!” WAAAAHHHH.

We visited the fair four times and I worked at the elephant ear stand three times. I was at the fairgrounds 7 of the 17 days of the fair. And honestly, I wanted to be there more than that. Where else can you see such a diverse group of people commune in one place on purpose?

Where your kids actually want to be close to each other?

Kids in tire

Where you can see Olaf made out of canned goods?Olaf

Where your oldest big city daughter asks for a cow?Alaina with calf

Where you seriously think your son has fallen deeply in love with a calf he just met?Lucas and Calf

Where the baby doesn’t care what part of an animal he’s looking at?Isaac with pig

Where you can actually milk a cow? Like, FOR REAL MILK A COW?!milking a cow

Where you come home from pretending to be a carny by working at the elephant ear stand still saying “Elephant ears come with a free small soda tonight” with your skin smelling (and tasting) like cinnamon sugar?elephant ear stand

Where you quickly realize that this year you don’t have to push your little boy around on the tractor when he takes off so quickly you hardly have time to take a picture?tractor

For some reason I feel content during the State Fair. And content is a pretty big word for me. I don’t use the word often or lightly. Being content (for me) is really hard. But during the fair? I’m simply… content. Fully and completely. And it shows.content

I can’t wait for next year’s fair. It’s like a little vacation from real life but just 10 minutes from my house. Where my kids and I love every single part of what we see, hear, taste, smell and feel while we’re there.

Until next year Indiana State Fair. Until next year…

10 thoughts on “Call me Carny

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  2. designhermomma

    My kids are always really confused when the fair ends and we aren’t going back every other day in September. It was my first time in over 12 years I didn’t make it there this year…and I felt it.

  3. eternallizdom

    ME TOO! I was there one evening by myself. I was about to head to my car and decided to hop on the tractor shuttle to ride around the loop. And I just felt such contentment and happiness watching the hustle and bustle and seeing all these people who were showing some sort of pride in being part of Indiana.

  4. Heather at Basilmomma

    This is adorable! Your photos were cute. Especially the pig butt one- he was just enjoying the pig! I love it. Great story to share about how the fair is more than the midway and meat on a stick 🙂

  5. Michelle@Gotchababy

    I love this, and I feel you! We didn’t get to go as often as we wanted this year- school is really cramping my style. For me, the fair always brings up images of Charolette’s Web. Content is a good word- it’s just fun being out amongst humanity, and seeing what there is to see. Til next year, fair!

  6. Angie Six (@AngieSix)

    Yes! It means so much to be to have my kids grow up seeing the fair as a beloved tradition. Nothing will make me happier than seeing them return with their kids someday. And with what a rough year our city has had in the streets, I love that so many different people from so many kinds of life come together to enjoy the fair.

  7. Kelly Davis Cook

    I have a great love for the Indiana State fair too! I fell in love with the same baby calf. We attend every year. It’s always a great anticipation each year. Love your post! Thank you so much for sharing!


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