a safe place

Sunday evening, at 5:45, Adam called me out to the side yard. He says “Come look at this.” Oh no. Instantly I was nervous. The last time he said that to me the ceiling in our living room was falling down. Remember that?

He points up, to our bedroom window. Slowly I lifted my eyes and they settled on this.Bird nest

Oh THANK GOD, it’s only a bird. Then this happened: Oooh! Oooh! Let’s all go see the birdy!

IMG_6933 (1280x960)

Adam’s instant plan was to just push the bird off and knock the nest down. But she wouldn’t budge. He pushed through the air conditioner panels and she just turned and looked at him. She had no plan on moving. Immediately I knew there was a reason. She must have a baby in there.

So I started stalking her. Checking every time I thought about it. Fully expecting her to fly away at some point so I could peak in her nest to confirm my baby intuition. But she hasn’t moved. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. that I’ve checked (which I won’t tell you the number because it would be embarrassing) she’s been sitting there.

But then I saw it. A little head poked out from under mama and then snuggled back under her. See it? See it’s little beak sticking out? “Mama” as I call her now, just wanted a safe place for her baby.
IMG_6938 (1280x960)

As do I, Mama. This we have in common.

This afternoon, while Alaina was babysitting Isaac and Cami (Lucas was at a friend’s), I get a frantic call from Alaina telling me she thinks someone’s in the house. She’s locked the three of them up in her room and is telling me that the (enclosed) porch screen window frame has been bent up and inside the porch and that right before she heard that happen, she heard footsteps outside.

Luckily I was less than a mile away, so I drove home, praying, keeping her on the phone with me, calmly telling her “I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m sure it was just the wind moving the window.” And she kept telling me “No. No. I saw the window, It’s not from the wind.”

And she was right. Someone had definitely tried breaking in.

So after having Alaina open her window so I could see and hear her, I called 911. Several minutes later (SEVERAL, LIKE WAY TOO MANY) a police car (leisurely, without sirens) rolls up. He goes into the house first, walking the first floor, yelling police things, then tells me to have the kids come downstairs and then he’d walk the second story once they were out.

All was fine. No one in the house. Nothing out of order. Nothing stolen off the porch even. (We’re pretty certain he/she was going after our bikes on the porch.) My guess is that the jerk could see someone in the house once he/she started in the window and then took off. But not without first scaring the crap out of my kids. And me.

See, Mama’s got it right. She’s not moving, even though she’s got to feel threatened by me being inches away from her and her baby (WAY too often). She’s standing firm. I’m positive that she knows that there’s a threat of danger EVERYWHERE. Anywhere she built that nest or flew that baby would have a possibility of something bad happening. So she stays put.

As will we. Just as we’ve said before, we’ll say it again. We’re staying put. We’ll move our bikes and shut our windows of course, but we’ll be visible. We’ll still have porch parties. We’ll play outside just as we did yesterday and we’ll help our ‘hood by staying committed.


The girls are good. We’ve talked a lot about what happened today. They feel okay about what happened. They think it’s pretty funny that Alaina almost had to poop in a trashcan in her room because I wouldn’t let them leave until the police arrived. But we’ll take your prayers for continued mental well-being. 🙂

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