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the end of an era

Isaac’s birthday is Thursday. Not just any birthday though. His *first* birthday. A pretty big #lastfirst if you ask me. And the last week of his first year of life has started off kinda tough. For both of us.

Thursday morning he woke up with a nasty cough, which has turned into an even nastier cough, resulting in him coughing so hard that he’s throwing up several times a day. It’s no fun. And it’ll mean a trip to the doctor tomorrow, I’m sure.

What it also means is that I’m pretty sure he’s done nursing. He’s so stuffy and he really just isn’t interested all of a sudden. It’s pretty crazy. I was ready for this. I just thought it would happen over the next 2 weeks and on my terms. I’m surprised at how emotional I am about this. I’ve actually been looking forward to this for a good month. But then I realized tonight while rocking Isaac to sleep (in a steamy hot bathroom), that not nursing him means I won’t giggle at him pulling his blanket over his head each night while falling asleep nursing.

Blanket over head

And that he won’t hold his foot each night after pulling the blanket over his head until he falls asleep.Holding his foot

And while there are feelings of freedom as well, the emotions of never nursing another baby are high. Much higher than I anticipated. And so I’m sure this week will get harder as Isaac’s birthday inches closer.

But onward we go. As I was putting Lucas to bed tonight, I just looked at him and wondered what Isaac will be like at three years old. So as I cherish these last firsts, I look forward for new firsts and fun things about babies getting older. Facing forward

Like facing forward in the car seat. 🙂

Rest for my soul.

It’s April, y’all. APRIL. And while I thought our winter would never end, I can’t believe that it’s actually Spring. Cabin drive

Spring Break has already come and gone. For the first time, we decided to take a little trip to get away from cold Indiana Spring. We went to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for a few days and had a really wonderful time (even with Cami & Adam having the stomach flu).

We hiked on trails…

Adam and kids hiking

…and off. Kids in waterfall

We rested at our cabin with beautiful scenery… steps

…took scenic drives through Cade’s Cove…Cade's Cove

…and took a picture of Alaina with her boys. Little did she know that meant Adam too. photo bomb

April will be over before we know it, which means Isaac’s birthday is right around the corner. 21 days to be exact. I think he’s going to be 12.Isaac

I’m hoping to take some time to really rest during Spring. I’m not talking about taking naps or relaxing in the sun, though I definitely plan on doing both of those! I’m talking about letting my stress levels drop. Having more fun with the kids. (Yelling is getting old. And it’s not even summer break yet!) Really letting my soul relax in this stage of life. There are just too many (last) firsts to miss by getting caught up in the little nothings that I so often let take hold of me each day.

(I’ll be using #lastfirst on pictures and posts on Instagram & Twitter {follow me @katieunscripted on both} if you want to follow along.)


Wet. Cold. PROUD.

Last Saturday morning, all I wanted to do was turn around and come home as I drove to my final Refuel Runner Ambassador Program race. Refuel Runner Pre-Race

It was pouring. It was freezing. And I was wavering.

But then I remembered my last post. About there always being an excuse. And I couldn’t let rainy and cold weather be my excuse. Because if I let either one be my excuse that morning, I’d always let something be my excuse each and every time I didn’t feel like exercising in the future. It was time to step up.

So I ran 3.1 miles with about 40 other stupid really dedicated people. To top off the rain and cold, the Rock My Run music app I had just downloaded the night before wouldn’t work without wifi (even though it said it would and I downloaded the mixes I wanted to my phone). So I ran in the rain and cold, by myself, with NO music.

It was really quite miserable to be honest. The only thing that kept me going was getting out of the crappy weather. Oh, and the funny old(er) dude that I passed early on who kept yelling “You’re my inspiration!” at me the entire rest of the run that he was behind me.

I finished in 36:42, which was an 11:48 pace (my goal was 12:00).

And while I was happy that I beat my goal, I was more proud of myself that I actually RAN THE RACE. That I didn’t turn around and drive home. That I didn’t use anything as an excuse.

Wet. Cold. PROUD.

This is a big step for me, friends. Keeping myself accountable rather than waiting for someone else to keep me accountable. It’s huge.

And while this was my final race with Indiana Dairy, this was definitely not my last race. I’m hoping to run one 5k a month through the fall. And it’s not the end of refueling with chocolate milk either. That’s for sure.

I’d love for you to join me. If it’s not actually running a race with me, choose to keep yourself accountable. Choose to not make excuses. Choose to be proud of yourself. And choose to drink chocolate milk. 🙂


Refuel Runner Ambassador

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am working with Indiana Dairy and their Refuel Runner Ambassador Program. I’m super excited to be part of the program and to share with you my opinions and experiences. Of course, those opinions and experiences are all my own. Now go refuel with chocolate milk.