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Flushed cheeks. Wet hair. Chocolate milk.

I’m good at making excuses. Excuses for not going to bed early enough, for not eating healthy enough, for putting off work until the last minute, for not doing the dishes. I can keep going if you’d like. No?

But most of my excuses center around one thing: not exercising.

Too tired. Too busy. Too much cleaning to do. Boys didn’t nap at the same time. It’s too cold outside. I hate the treadmill. Too tired. Too much laundry. JUST WANT A MINUTE ALONE SITTING ON THE COUCH DRINKING MY COFFEE. Too tired. Candy Crush. Pretty nails. Too tired.

But this? The feeling of flushed cheeks, a good shower after a good work-out and cold chocolate milk?post work out

It feels so good.

I remember this each Monday night after my zumba class. (An aside, if you’re in Indy and looking for a great zumba class, come with me!) But I so quickly forget by the time I get home from work on Tuesday afternoon. Because all the excuses come rushing back.

During Sunday’s sermon, our pastor said something that has stuck with me: your schedule (your calendar, the way you spend your day) is a picture of how you spend the life God has given you. So I’m going to be open and share with you my schedule:


  • Alarm at 7:15 to get girls up and ready for school.
  • Adam takes girls to school at 8:15.
  • Care for boys until girls get home from school at 3:30.
  • Homework with girls until 4:30 or 5:00.
  • Dinner prep and make 5:00 – 6:00.
  • Dinner at 6:15.
  • (On Mondays I’m gone for zumba from 7:10-9:00).
  • Isaac to bed at 7:15.
  • Bigs to bed at 8:00.
  • Bed around 11:00.

T & Th:

  • Alarm at 6:15 to get ready for work/kids ready for school.
  • Leave at 8:15 for work.
  • Work until 2:45 then pick up kids from daycare/school.
  • Homework with girls until 4:30 or 5:00
  • Dinner prep and make 5:00 – 6:00.
  • Dinner at 6:15.
  • Isaac to bed at 7:15.
  • Bigs to bed at 8:00.
  • Bed around 11:00.

Okay, so let’s get rid of the excuses. On MWF, I have 7 hours of time during the day that I watch the boys. Very seldom do they nap at the same time, but I can totally hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes while he watches his one allowed morning screen time instead of checking my email or social media or just sitting with him being lazy. If Isaac doesn’t nap in the morning, then I’ll know I can run during their afternoon naptimes. There. MWF Done.

Now T&Th. I have a good 2.5 hours between the kids going to bed and me going to bed. I’m pretty tired by 8:30 on the days I work, so I’m going to bank on exercising MWF during the day. If I miss one of those days, there’s NO REASON I can’t get my butt moving for 30 minutes on the treadmill or go for a run outside once the weather gets warmer.

No more excuses.

And more exercising means one last excuse: to drink chocolate milk after work-outs. And that’s an excuse I’ll gladly keep.

What’s your excuse? Want to share your calendar with me? I bet I can find 30 minutes of time if you’re willing to put aside the excuses. We can keep each other accountable.

Want to start this weekend with a NEW schedule? Run with me on Saturday morning! I’m doing one more #WinnersDrinkMilk Indiana Dairy Refuel Runner Ambassador race. And it’s for a great cause. It’s the Race for Roofs 5k to benefit Englewood Community Development Corporation. You can still register and you can even get $10 off your registration fee, making it only $15 (go to my friend Cherie’s website for more info).


Refuel Runner Ambassador

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am working with Indiana Dairy and their Refuel Runner Ambassador Program. I’m super excited to be part of the program and to share with you my opinions and experiences. Of course, those opinions and experiences are all my own. Now go refuel with chocolate milk.


So maybe I should write something here. It’s been awhile. I’ve had plenty to say. Some not appropriate to share here. Some good. Some really good. But then I sit down to write and it vanishes.

I’ve kind of just been flying under the radar.

Except. You know when you recognize people and you know they don’t recognize you? This pretty much happens to me all the time. I’m really good with faces and have a knack for remembering people. So pretty much my life is meeting people, or just seeing people several times, and them not remembering me. I guess I’m just… unmemorable. (Is that a word?)

Except tonight at the grocery store. I get in the check out lane and the young girl checking me out instantly says to me “Aren’t you that lady who was pregnant and I always checked you out?”

I really can’t imagine how many unmemorable pregnant ladies she waits on each day. And considering Isaac is 10.5 months old, I assumed she thought I was someone else. And honestly, I do recognize her, but not like some of the other ladies that work at that grocery store that I see WAY more often.

So I kind of played it off like, “Well, yeah, unless you think I’m some other pregnant woman you used to help.”

And then she started saying really crazy things that totally made me realize that I *AM* that woman she thinks I am! “Didn’t you have your baby like in April or something?” Uh, yeah, May 1st.

“You were having a boy right?” Yeah…

“What did you end up naming him? Was it something with a (hard) “c”?” Yeah, Isaac…

And then she starts taking my heavy bags over to my cart, instead of letting me put them in my cart and I’m all “DING! DING! DING! I really am that woman!” And I say “I can get those. I remember you always bringing them to my cart for me when I was pregnant. You were the only one who ever did that. No one else ever even offered.”

And she was all “Yeah! Because I kept wondering if you were EVER going to have that baby! Like I was pregnant with you the whole time and I felt like you were pregnant FOR. EVER.” She wasn’t really pregnant with me. She just felt like she was going through my prenancy with me, she told me.

I think she is my friend soul mate. I should have gotten her number. I mean, she remembered me.