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Hi, I’m Isaac. (my first blog post!)

Hi, I’m Isaac. This is me.Isaac swing

I’m pretty cute, huh? (Excuse the drool. *sigh* Mom didn’t wipe my face before she took my picture. *eye roll*)

I liked that swing thing – they put me in there on Sunday for the first time and it was pretty fun. I was happy in there. Too bad it’s cold and rainy today or I’d want to go back in it again.

I wish they’d let me do fun stuff all the time. Except they want me to go to bed in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY. I mean, what’s up with that? Who wants to take a nap when you could be doing all sorts of fun stuff? I know they do fun things when I’m sleeping. That’s why I don’t nap anymore. Because I know I’m going to miss something. I just know it.

My mom lies to me – she tells me (when she’s forcing me to rock with her) that I need to nap. That it’s good for my body to rest. That all she’s going to do is clean, do laundry, and try to get some work done. BUT I KNOW THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENING WHILE I’M NAPPING! 

And that’s why I’m never going to nap again. At least as long as I can fight it, I mean. (Because I’m actually taking a nap right now that my mom says is “long overdue” because she wouldn’t give in and finally I forgot I was going to stay up and fell asleep on accident.)

My mom says that not napping is why I looked like this the other day:Isaac not napping

I say there are three reasons I look like this:

  2. She leaves me in a drool-drenched shirt.
  3. She won’t hold me all the time.

I’ve heard them say “you can’t hold a baby too much.”  I believe them. If she’d just hold me I wouldn’t be so fussy. And she says I need a nap… whatever.

She thinks I just want to be with her all the time. WHICH IS TOTALLY TRUE. Duh. Why else would I get up 2-3 times a night? It’s not because I need to eat. Have you seen how big I am? It’s because my room is dark and lonely and you can’t hold a baby too much. Would one of you please tell her that’s true? Because she’s not buying it. I can tell by the things she says to me when she finally gives up and let’s me stay awake. Like “Babies who are 6 months old nap, Isaac.” And “Why won’t you stay asleep when I lay you down in your bed?” Oh, and her favorite, I think, because she says it all the time: “Mommy needs you to take a freaking nap.”

What does “freaking” mean?


This is (the day after) Halloween!

The City of Indianapolis moved trick-or-treating to tonight, the day AFTER Halloween, due to the threat of severe storms in the area on Halloween night. (By the way, I totally disagree with the choice, but I’m going to leave it be since it’s done and can’t be changed at this point.)

So instead of hitting First Friday at our favorite art gallery, we spent tonight trick-or-treating. We started off as a family, including this little guy on his first half birthday. (Can you believe he’s SIX MONTHS OLD already?!)

Isaac the Giraffe

Isaac the Giraffe

We also had the cutest fire fighter alive.

Lucas the Firefighter

Lucas the Firefighter

We had a beautiful vampire, glowing in the sun.

Cameran the Vampire

Cameran the Vampire

We had a Colts player for a dad.

Adam the Colts Player

Adam the Colts Player

And a zombie bride, who left us for a party full of other sixth grade kids after an hour of trick-or-treating. (Her first boy-girl party! Ack!)

Alaina the Zombie Bride

Alaina the Zombie Bride

They make a nice group, don’t they?

the fam

Happy Halloween friends!