Celebrating Lucas with Turbo

This baby?lucas baby

He turned three today. So crazy. He brings me so much joy, this one.Me & Lucas

Lucas wanted to celebrate his birthday with a Turbo party. Specifically, Turbo cupcakes. And since I started making the kids birthday cakes about five years ago, I had some Pinteresting to do in order to find something I could make. The problem? I’m scared of fondant. And everything I found required some crazy fondant skills or Turbo rings stuck in the top of a cupcake. So we came up with our own Turbo cupcake vision.The vision

The plan was chocolate cupcakes baked in blue cupcake liners to mimic Turbo’s racing shell with orange icing for his head/face and raised orange marshmallow eyeballs.

Lucas and I made the cupcakes and right after baking I realized the liners had darkened so much they didn’t look blue anymore. If I would have known that the bright Wilton primary blue liners I bought wouldn’t hold their color, I would have bought blue foil liners (like these) instead.

While they cooled, we dyed miniature marshmallows orange. I made a concentrated dye from only water and orange food coloring. I wanted the dye to be really concentrated so I didn’t have to soak the marshmallows for too long since I didn’t want them to disintegrate. Then Alaina and Lucas stuck 48 marshmallows (2 eyes for each of the 24 cupcakes) on wooden toothpicks. We dipped the marshmallows in the dye for 10 “Mississippi” seconds, then stuck them upright in styrofoam to dry for about an hour or so.Dying Marshmallows

Once the marshmallows were dry, I used frosting to “attach” a candy eyeball to each marshmallow. I laid them down on a plate so that the frosting could harden to keep the eyeball from falling off.Turbo eyes

I then tinted my frosting to match the orange of the marshmallow snail eyes and frosted the cupcakes. I stuck two eyes in each cupcake and added a little grin on each Turbo face with an orange glitter icing tube I found on clearance after Halloween. And since the party store didn’t have Turbo birthday supplies (even though their website had them), we went with checkered flag plates and Indianapolis Motor Speedway napkins (since that’s where Turbo races in the movie).Turbo Cupcake

I think they turned out pretty cute. And Lucas liked them, which is all that really matters. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for Lucas. He’s such an awesome little boy who adds so much joy to our family. Here’s to another year buddy.birthday boy


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