Dear Andrew Luck…

Let me start with a confession, just to make sure you know I’m being honest: My favorite team is not the Colts. (gasp, I know!) I grew up a 49ers fan and they’ll always be my #1 team. But I’m a huge Colts fan and have been a season ticket holder for 13 years now.

Okay, now I feel like I can let the rest of this out.

I’ve never really been a Peyton Manning fan. (again, gasp!) Most people who know me or who have ever watched football with me know this. It’s been a bit contentious even at times with my lack of love for him. My one friend, she loved him so much that for her birthday 14 years ago, someone got her a Peyton birthday cake. I never understood it.

I don’t know what it is. I respect the man greatly. I know he’s a great football player. I know he did some really great things for the city of Indianapolis. I know, I know, I know. But there’s just that something, that something that never clicked between me and Peyton. I never felt an emotional connection with him (like my friend Angie). Maybe it was because he cheated on me a lot. He threw a lot of passes to the other team in clutch times and this hurt. And he never told me that he had major surgery right before the season that would render him useless for the ENTIRE season.

But it’s ok. I’m over it and I’m not holding a grudge. Because we broke up (it was mutual) and since he’s gone, I don’t have any connection to him anymore except for seeing his name on a hospital when I drive the north side.

And I’ll tell you Andrew, I don’t think about Peyton or what we might have had if he had stayed. I’m really excited about what you’ve done for the Colts and how you’ll contribute in the future. A future career with the Colts that I hope is just as long as Peyton’s.

As for Sunday’s game, I’ll be there in the stands. I’ll be there during the tribute to Peyton too. I’ll clap and respect what he did for the Colts and Indianapolis just like I’ve done for all the other tributes for returning players in the past.

But the whole time I’ll remember that he’s no longer a Colt. That he’s playing for the opposing team. That I want the Colts to beat them into the ground and win another great game. Wouldn’t it be so great to see Rob nail him to the ground and for Antoine get a pick six?! And then Peyton would smack his hands together, give us “that face” and shake his head like he always does? (Back when he was a Colt, I couldn’t stand this from him. But how awesome would it be to be on the other side?!?! It makes me giddy, I’m not gonna lie.)

I can’t imagine the weight on your shoulders right now. But please know, YOU ARE NOT A REBOUND. You are the real deal. You, YOU, are the leader of the Colts now. And you are worthy. And you have proved yourself to me in your short time here.

Now prove it to Peyton.

And even more so, prove it to all those Colts “fans” who will be at the game in their Manning jerseys cheering against their home team JUST BECAUSE Peyton’s in the house.

I can’t wait for Sunday’s game. I think it’s going to be a great match-up. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t care if we win. I do care. I really want to win. I really want to win every game. (Oh, except for that one against the 49ers, but let’s not go there.) And honestly, I really want to beat Peyton.

So let’s do this. Let’s pull the defense together and lead the offense to a W.



P.S. I found this picture from when Indy hosted the Super Bowl. I was looking for a pic of me in Colts gear, but I found THIS instead! Look! It’s me in a 49er #12 jersey! It’s like you and me were meant to be!#12 49ers jersey


P.P.S. Want to play Bananagrams with me?


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