Indiana State Fair : Take One

On Monday, the White family spent 12 hours at the Indiana State Fair. TWELVE HOURS.

We began our first day at the fair with other local bloggers and their families at Indiana’s Family of Farmers Blogger Family Day. We were treated with breakfast from the Indiana Dairy Barn and then headed over to see the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball and the new Glass Barn.

Glass Barn Popcorn BallPopcorn is one of my favorite foods, so seeing this huge popcorn ball was so fun! It looked like a huge ball of caramel corn with all the “glue” keeping it held together. The kids were given honey sticks in the Ag/Hort Building on our way to see the popcorn ball by a sweet lady working at her sister’s honey booth. We also tried cinnamon spun honey, which OH MY GOSH is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

After wandering the Ag/Hort Building and talking at length to a Bonzai tree expert (IT WAS JUST A SIMPLE QUESTION!!!) we headed over to the new Glass Barn. It’s so beautiful (and air conditioned!) and we learned so much about Indiana farming – like that 96% of all Indiana farms are family-owned. We also watched a video about local farming and then got to FaceTime with hog farmer Heather Hill. It was so cool to be able to interact with her from the Glass Barn – the kids got to ask questions and see live little piglets at their farm.

After eating lunch from the Dairy Barn and Indiana Pork and Beef tents (the pit-a-toes at the pork tent are TO DIE FOR!), we decided to stay for the rest of the day. The kids had to visit Little Hands on the Farm (they LOVE this and do it every year) and of course had to climb all over the John Deere tractors.tractors

We also decided to let the kids do Midway rides for the first time this year. It was $15 wristband day for kids, so for $15 each, the kids got to ride unlimited Midway rides for the rest of the day/night. At first I wasn’t sure it was a smart idea for Cami and Lucas, since Cami went on about three roller coasters at Kings Island last year and Lucas, well, Lucas is two. But they ended up having a BLAST and it was well worth every bit of the $45 it cost us. (There’s another $15 wristband day for kids on Monday 8/12 if you want to give it a try.)Midway

On one of our breaks from the Midway, we took the kids to the DNR pond and let them fish. We haven’t done this in a couple of years and thought Lucas would love it. Except that you have to be 5 years old to participate in the clinic. But Lucas handled it well and watched the girls fish (for real fish!!) for about 15 minutes.Fishing

We’ve never spent 12 hours at the fair before. (I know, surprised?) But with the kids having so much fun and Isaac being SO good, we had to take advantage of the beautiful day/evening. I mean, where else can you dance with a walking street band, pet a baby calf and take a picture with a pig wearing an Indiana Pork apron? (Alaina just thought that was so wrong. “But he doesn’t want to BE pork!”)


Even though we were there for so long, I feel like we DIDN’T do so much! The only animals we saw were the cows in the cattle barn and the goats by the DNR building and pond, so we definitely need to spend some quality time with the animals when we go back later this week. We need to play mini-golf, play on the indoor playgrounds, pet some baby animals, listen to some good music (which we’ll do on Monday next week when we take Adam back to see Styx) and see some fun shows.

Oh, and eat some more fried food (veggies for me and elephant ears for the kids) and milk shakes. Because we can do that since we’ll walk so much, right? 🙂

The only thing I need to do before we go back Friday morning is to finally buy that double stroller. Because I don’t think I can do the fair with all four kids by myself without one. (Yes, I did just admit that the State Fair is the reason I need a double stroller. It’s ok. I know my obsession.)


Thanks to IFOF for hosting us for a wonderful morning, providing us with Fair tickets, food and goodies!

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