Grow them slowly.

My two cents on Miley: It just makes me really sad.

I didn’t watch the VMA’s last night. Adam was watching something else and I was working, so we were taping it. (Yes, I know that “taping it” shows my age. I guess “DVRing it” is more accurate nowadays.) But I saw the rumblings all over social media. Miley had performed and made quite an impact apparently. Which was, most likely, exactly her point, I might add. It’s not like Miley’s known for being a sweet little innocent girl anymore.

So when I had about 15 minutes while the boys were napping before going to get the girls from school this afternoon, I flipped on the TV to see what I had missed.

Initially, I sat there totally confused. I didn’t understand what the hell Miley was doing with her tongue. I didn’t understand what the hell she had done to her hair. Or what she was wearing. Or why she was trying to act all thuggish. Or why there were stuffed teddy bears all over the place. (???) I just didn’t get it. “Maybe I’m just too old to get this anymore” I thought.

And then the “dancing” started. I think “raunchy movements” is more accurate, but let’s stick with dancing because it’s easier to write and read. And we’ll say Miley was “singing” because the word singing doesn’t by definition mean it sounds good.

And then Robin Thicke comes out to sing his summer hit “Blurred Lines” (that I have HUGE issues with) with her and Miley lip syncs all of his duet parts with him and then shakes her rear in his crotch and rubs this big foam finger in her crotch and then in his and I JUST DON’T GET IT.

So we have a combination of Miley’s complete raunchiness with a song, albeit extremely catchy, that is about “good girls” and how “you know you want it.”

I’m not gonna lie, I really like Robin Thicke’s voice and music style. I have one of his CDs. But I will NOT let my kids listen to one of the summer’s biggest hits. The meaning of the song and the suggestions it makes about women is so wrong. On so many levels.

This isn’t what I want my girls to grow up in. Or my boys for that matter. For either to think that women should act as Miley or be treated the way “Blurred Lines” implies.

I just don’t get it. I really don’t get it. As a woman, why would you want to act like Miley did last night? It was so… gross. There are motions that should be saved for the bedroom. And when those bedroom moves come out in a loving, married relationship, I think it’s a good thing. Sex is good. Sexuality is good. But when you put yourself out there like that, it cheapens everything about what sex should be, in my opinion.

I’m not surprised at Miley. It’s been done before. Madonna, Janet, Britney. It’s not new. And honestly, it’s all relative to what else is going on in the world. Madonna seemed bad in the 80’s because the world was bad in the 80’s. Miley’s performance seems worse now because the world seems worse now. I am finally starting to understand, and appreciate, why my mom wouldn’t let me listen to “Like a Virgin” when it came out in 1984. I was 6.5 years old. But the song was catchy and was being “danced” to by a popular artist. Sounds familiar, huh?

As sad as it makes me, for Miley and all the girls and women who watch her and think that’s who they need to be, I’m SO thankful for good people who take interest in my kids, love them and help me raise them to understand there is SO MUCH MORE to life than what they see from people like Miley.

Raise your kids well, friends. Listen to what they listen to. Watch what they watch. Make sure that what’s going in (and ON) their bodies is good, pure and age appropriate. Grow them slowly. Don’t rush them. Let them be young. Let them play and have fun. Preserve their innocence.

They have their whole lives ahead of them. Don’t let them become misguided. Don’t let them become Miley.

6 thoughts on “Grow them slowly.

  1. Amy Wood

    Very timely and appropriate. Love the reminder to “grow them slowly.” It can be so hard when our girls are chomping at the bit to join the apparent cultural norm for women in our society.

  2. Trish S.

    Amen. So sad, and on some levels, so scary to think of our girls growing up and what it will be like in the next x years. Well said, Katie.

  3. punkinmama

    I didn’t watch it and I don’t think I’ll be turning to youtube anytime soon. I saw enough disturbing comments about it. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how we as a society continue to allow these things to happen & not rise up against them.

  4. Trenton Newton

    I’m Disappointed with Miley and Her Parents(guess they’re to busy splitting up) This Video goes way beyond that picture that grew so much fire awhile ago. I couldn’t even watch all of it! I guess we better be careful what “Road” we lead our Tiny Little Girls down, this road (Miley) just took a dangerous Turn in the Road.Reminds me we should warn our young Children that Stars first of all are looking out for themselves, not us (except to make them rich)!

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