A new mom mode.

This is Alaina.Alaina

She’s 1.5 months shy of turning 11 years old and entering middle school. It’s such an important time in her life. The next three years will hold so many emotions and changes. Scary stuff, I tell you.

I’m trying to be an especially good mom to her during this time of transition. I think it’s working. Examples:

  • She held my hand on vacation while we were shopping after dinner one night. My tween daughter held my hand. In public. On her own. More than once. She actually grabbed *my* hand and not the other way around even. That’s some good stuff, people.
  • I made a big decision about who she could and couldn’t hang out with and she didn’t throw a fit. She was with some older girls who go to our church and her (Christian) school. Seems fine in theory, except that at this age, girls who are two years older talk about very different things. Things that Alaina shouldn’t be talking about until she’s two years older. And she wouldn’t tell me what their conversations centered around that day (I specifically didn’t ask for details). And since she wouldn’t tell me, I told her I didn’t think it was appropriate she be with them without an adult going forward. She didn’t agree, but it was *almost* like she respected my choice. Heh, who would have thought?
  • Last night at a baseball game, she was embarrassed by me. Ha ha! I embarrassed her! Yes!!! I’m moving into a big-time mom mode by embarrassing her for the first time. Want to know how? I rapped along with Vanilla Ice to every single last word of “Ice Ice Baby” (in a crowd, with Isaac strapped to the front of me in a sling, with hand motions and everything). “Mom! Stop! I mean it!” And when I kept going (I really was in a groove) “MOM!!! You have GOT to STOP! Oh my gosh!!” But she was laughing the whole time, so I know she liked it deep down inside. 🙂

I know these days are numbered. That she’ll like me more days than not. And I miss writing about my kids. Who they are at each little point of their lives. So I’m going to try to write about them more often. So that I can look back and remember who they were. And how they’ve changed.

Because let’s be real. This is as close to a baby book as it’s ever going to get.

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