Introducing Isaac

Here’s my new little man, Isaac Matthew.

Born May 1st at 7 lbs 4 oz and 20.5 in.

Born May 1st at 7 lbs 4 oz and 20.5 in.

Pretty perfect, huh?

He came into this world in a crazy, unexpected way. Just like finding out I was pregnant with him. You won’t find any amazing labor pictures in this birth story. They would have included me passed out and face-down on the hospital bathroom floor.

Let’s back up…

My contractions started at 4:15 am on Wednesday morning (May 1st). I had been having pretty regular contractions for a week and stronger the night before at a friend’s birthday party, but they weren’t painful, labor contractions. But when I woke up that morning they were different. They felt like the real deal.

By 6:30 am they were regular, more painful and stronger. But I was also battling a stomach bug, so I already felt pretty cruddy and was questioning whether I just felt bad because of the bug rather than the contractions. Adam woke up and asked if everything was okay and I finally said out loud, “I think I’m in labor. I think it’s the real deal.”

I stayed in bed until about 7:20 am when the girls had to get up for school. We had decided that we’d get them out the door to school at 8:15 am and then head to the hospital after we dropped Lucas off at a friend’s house.

I packed a bag while Adam got the girls ready for school. He asked if I had ever gotten my iPod ready with the music I wanted to listen to while I was laboring, assuming a long labor like I’d had with all three others. I answered with “no and now’s not the time to do it.”

Cami decided that I was “trying to have the baby that day because it was the day you chose on the baby chain.” (Yes, I picked May 1st as the day I guessed our little boy would be born when we made the baby chain months before as a visual count down for the kids. Winner winner chicken dinner!)Cami & IsaacAlaina wanted me to wait until 2:00 pm to have the baby so that she could go to her specials at school that day. I was really hoping I wouldn’t still be in labor by then.

Alaina, Lucas & Isaac

That wouldn’t be an issue.

I called my mom about 8:00 am to tell her I was in labor. She left Ft. Wayne right away.

We got to the hospital just before 9:30 am. My contractions went from 5-6 minutes apart when we left our house to only 3 minutes apart in the 1 mile drive to the hospital. When they checked me, I was dilated to 4.5 cm. I felt like I should have been farther along, comparing my current pain to my other labors. 

Then I started feeling really faint. I couldn’t stand up anymore with fear I’d pass out. My heart rate was down to 53. Little man wasn’t reacting well to my contractions. They were so worried they called the doctor and asked her to come right away to decide what to do. They made me get an IV, pushed fluids through it thinking I was dehydrated from the stomach bug and put me on oxygen, all in hopes it would help baby’s reaction to my increasing contractions.

At 10:15 am they took me from the triage area to my labor and delivery room. I decided to go to the bathroom before getting into bed in the new room. As I sat down, I instantly felt the strongest contraction yet, a ton of pressure and the immediate feeling of fainting. I tried to say “I’m going to pass out.” All Adam heard was something falling in the bathroom.

He came to the bathroom door to find me passed out, laying face down on the bathroom floor with my head against the wall. My IV had ripped out of my hand so there was the IV fluid and blood from my hand all over the bathroom floor as well.

He yelled for the nurse as she was walking back in the room. Several more nurses came running to my room to help, at the same time as my mom was walking down the hallway to my room, seeing them all run to one room.

Mom and kids

I woke up a few minutes later, about 10:20 am. As I sat up, my water broke on the bathroom floor. They put me in a wheel chair to get me from the bathroom to the bed since they didn’t want me walking. As I sat down in the wheelchair, I felt immense pressure and the immediate need to push. My mom and the nurses basically lifted me up and put me in bed since I didn’t think I could move because of a super strong contraction and the pressure I was feeling. I remember my mom saying “You can’t have this baby sitting in a wheelchair Katie,”

The attending doctor (whose name I still don’t know) said she wanted to check me and instantly said “One push and baby will be here.” But then I heard her tell me not to push because nothing was ready for the baby to be born after all the “excitement” of me passing out on the bathroom floor and they wanted to wait for NICU because of my gestational diabetes and baby’s poor reactions to my contractions just minutes before.

Too bad. I couldn’t wait. I heard my mom say “Katie, just push.” I pushed through one contraction and baby Isaac was born at 10:37 am. Just over an hour after I got to the hospital and only 15 minutes after I woke up on the bathroom floor.Katie, Adam and Isaac

Thankfully, we were all healthy, save for a bump on my head and a swollen hand from my IV being yanked out.

Scary hour. Perfect result.The fam

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  1. Chris

    Holy cow! I had no idea it was so eventful! Glad you all are okay! And he is absolutely precious! Can’t wait to meet him. I will email you about coming to see you…

  2. Starla

    So glad things worked out so that both you & Isaac were okay! I hope my birth story is less eventful! Can’t wait to meet Isaac and introduce Chelsie (once she gets here)!
    Lots of love!

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