Four kids is hard, yo.

I was originally planning on writing this great post about how amazing our community is with bringing us dinner and helping out in so many ways, but I just can’t do it today. I’m not gonna lie. Life is kinda kicking my butt right now.

As sweet as baby Isaac is, he’s still going through some crappy stomach issues along with a head cold including a stuffy nose, cough and a gooey, watery eye. And it’s wreaking all sorts of havoc on his life, both sleeping and waking. And therefore mine too.

Can you see the "TAKE THE PICTURE NOW" look of desperation in my eyes? I seriously didn't think I'd be able to keep my eyes open 2 seconds longer.

Can you see the “TAKE THE PICTURE NOW” look of desperation in my eyes? I seriously didn’t think I’d be able to hold my eyes open 2 seconds longer.

Between not sleeping and dealing with the transition of adding Isaac to our family, I’m running on empty. Physically and emotionally. Adam is busier at work than I think he’s ever been in his current job, working at the office until 7pm each night and then going down to the basement after a couple hours of unwinding (read watching TV) to work from home until 2, 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, leaving me to basically single parent four kids just a week after Isaac was born.

Alaina is losing it emotionally and vomiting all of that crap all over all of us daily. And nightly. And morningly. Cami’s anger and her inability to control it is at an all time high, especially since her sister is pushing her buttons like crazy. Lucas is two and is behaving like a text-book example of how kids will act during the transition of adding a new sibling to the mix. He’s become a disobedient, potty untrained, aggressive and attention-seeking little boy who ADORES his little brother and smothers him constantly while laughing at me when he’s bad. Oy.

It’s starting to wear on me. I’m wearing thin.

I know it’ll get better. I really do. The first couple of months with a new baby are always hard, regardless of how many other kids you have. But DANG, y’all. I could use a good night’s sleep. And by good night’s sleep I mean two intervals of 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. That’s not much to ask for, right?!

Oh, and one, JUST ONE, decent picture of myself. One picture where I don’t look like a zombie holding in a break-down like the one above. JUST ONE STUPID PICTURE PEOPLE! Because this is about all I’ve got right now:yawning

Four kids is hard, yo.

2 thoughts on “Four kids is hard, yo.

  1. Joanne

    It really is hard. It feels impossible sometimes, but it’s not. I am definitely on the other side of my fourth’s newborn-hood but it’s hard in a different way now. It’s so hard to have a newborn, so hard to deal with your other kids’ reactions to said newborn, hard hard hard as a ROCK! I hope it’s getting better and I hope it gets better every day. He’s adorable and I know that’s shallow but it always helps me, ha! Hang in there, mama.

  2. chrisgharmon

    I somehow missed this post earlier. Hope things are getting better, little by little. You are right that the first few months with a newborn are hard. I can’t imagine the first few months with a newborn AND 3 other little ones! But once this transition period moves on to the next, it will be amazing to watch these kids grow into the best of friends (even when they’re fighting).

    Praying you get some good sleep very, very, very soon!


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