The good people.

There is so much crappy crap every day done by crappy people.

But there are the good people too. Let’s talk about them for a minute.

Thursday night, after my crazy “I’m losing it” post, Adam told me that a friend of ours from our community group at church could have one of his “drywall guys” come finish our ceiling for “super cheap” while we were gone for the weekend. So Adam agreed (which is indeed a miracle in itself, let me tell you) and when we got home Sunday afternoon, three guys from our church (none of which were the aforementioned drywall guys) were finishing up applying their second coat of mud on the ceiling. The original drywall guys couldn’t make it so three guys from our church did it instead. Leaving only sanding and painting the ceiling for Adam and saving us two entire days of work.


The good people.

We won’t talk about how the walls in the same room ended up looking like this (see below) last night though. I think that men “nest” a little differently than women. Just a thought.walls

We can talk about my lovely friends who tell me that my big ole large belly is “the cutest thing ever.” Because we all know that this:belly

Is not cuter than this:cuter

The good people.

I tell you, they’re out there. They meet you in your life, where you are, every day. Right where you are, crap and all. Take a minute and thank them. They’re the good ones. The ones we should be talking about more than the crappy ones who do crappy crap things.



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  1. Crystal

    This is great! I have been so blessed by the good people. There have been times when the kindness of others is truly what got me through a tough time. Thanks for writing this!


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