The ceiling is falling.

Want to know what happens when you’re thinking about putting your house on the market? Something bad, that’s what. 100% guarantee.

Just look behind curtain #1:

Curtain #1But not yet.

Here’s how this started: Adam says to me yesterday, “Hey Katie, come look at this.” So I walk in the living room thinking he’s going to show me something Lucas or one of the girls had done. Adam’s standing in the corner of the room, looking up.

Here’s what I see:

Start of ceiling fall

Not horrible, right? Not good, but not horrible. But instantly I think there’s a leak in our siding or from our radiant heater in our room that’s right above this. But nope, no leak, nothing. The 100 year old plaster ceiling just pulled away from the walls and cracked diagonally from the corner.

So Adam thinks, “I’ll just cut out that corner and replace it with drywall.”

And here’s when you get to see behind curtain #1:

NowThis is what you get 30 minutes later when cutting out one corner of the ceiling shatters the rest of the plaster into thousands of pieces all over your floors.

Guess what I’m getting for Spring Break besides crappy weather and snow? A new living room ceiling.

Yay me.


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