Random thoughts on a Saturday night.

It’s been awhile. I haven’t really felt like writing. Actually, that’s not true. I think about what to write all the time, but I honestly don’t have the energy to put thought into a post and write about something meaningful. It’s really just things like:

I am freaking tired.

Work is kicking my butt.

I’m going to have a baby in no more than 9 weeks.

I am freaking tired.

I really like my job. But it’s kicking my butt right now.

Probably because I’m really freaking tired.


I’m tired.

Are my legs/hips EVER going to stop going all numb and tingly?

In 9 weeks I’m never going to leave my house again because I’ll have FOUR FREAKING KIDS and it’ll be too hard to leave and no one will invite us over because we’ll have FOUR FREAKING KIDS.

This isn’t really all I think about. Just almost. I also think about this house situation: remember the last update? Well, a week ago yesterday we actually signed a purchase agreement on the house. Cool, huh? Exciting, right? Not so much. Now we wait for their bank to accept or reject our offer. We wait. And wait. And wait. Oh, and then we wait.

That same day, I drove to my home town to attend the visitation and funeral of a 5 1/2 year old little girl. And while this sick little girl is in a much better place, it doesn’t make being at a funeral of a 5 1/2 year old any easier. You’d think it would. Let me reassure you: it doesn’t.

You know what’s good? Having friends you’ve known for your whole life. Like, literally, your WHOLE life. This isn’t lost on me, but being at home grieving a friend’s loss reinforced the fact that I have friends who are like sisters who I’ve known my entire life. That’s crazy these days and something that I am so grateful for.

My brother’s moving to Indy this summer with his girlfriend. That’s pretty cool too.

Know what’s not cool? Trying to go out on a date with your husband and feeling like it’s never actually going to ever happen again. Tonight, we were supposed to go out, and instead we cancelled our sitter 20 minutes before I was supposed to pick her up because Adam ended up getting super sick during the previous 5 hours. So instead of the symphony, Adam spent the night sick in bed and the kids and I watched some Disney Channel original TV movie and ate popcorn. Last month when we tried a date night, our sitter locked herself out of our house and I had to leave in the middle of the movie to drive home to let her back in at 9:30pm. Which of course ended the date, with me watching stupid shows on TV and with Adam staying to watch the rest of the movie and walking home 2 miles at 11:15pm after the movie.

I did figure out tonight that Lucas goes to bed 99% better when given a glow stick at bedtime. Let’s hope he actually sleeps through the night tonight.

Have I mentioned that I am FREAKING. TIRED?

I can’t remember.

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  1. Sarah Partain

    Oh girl!! Bummer!! I haven’t seen you in so long! I can’t believe you’re so close! I hope the house thing happens and that the rest of pregnancy isn’t too bad. I’m tired, too. Right there with ya!


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