Marshmallow Snowmen

My kids are crafty. They LOVE doing art projects and sharing them with others. The problem? I’m SO not crafty. I seriously think the last “real” craft I did with my kids was in October 2011, when we made Crayon Hearts. I’m totally not joking.

So when Cami found that Oriental Trading catalog in the mail last month, she totally wanted to buy this kit to make these snowmen ornaments for her friends. You know, this one. And I was all like, “WE CAN TOTALLY MAKE THESE AT HOME! I’M A GOOD MOM! WATCH HOW EASY THIS IS AND WE’LL DO A CRAFT TOGETHER!”

Okay, so really I said, “Cami, I bet we can make those out of marshmallows, markers, glue and sticks. All things we already have at home.”

And really, it was SO EASY. We totally made our own version, which was part of the fun, customizing each and every one specifically to our own wants (and abilities). Hewlett-Packard

Here’s what we did:

  1. We decided who we wanted to make them for – primarily kids who live in our neighborhood so we could walk to deliver them. And then multiplied that number by 3 so we knew how many marshmallows to get out. (math integration baby!)
  2. Pulled the (old) bag of (already stale) big marshmallows out of the cabinet and left that number out on the counter for several days to harden.
  3. Once they were pretty hard, we started decorating. We used colored permanent markers because that’s what we had out that day, but my guess is normal markers could work too. I also wrote the name of each child getting a snowman on the bottom marshmallow at this time as well.
  4. Send the kids to the yard to find skinny sticks and break into about 1-2 inch pieces. Then stick them in as arms. I pushed pretty hard to get them in far so they wouldn’t fall out. I guess you could glue them in too, but let’s be honest, that’s just more work.
  5. Stack ’em up and hot glue those babies together. I was worried the hot glue would melt the marshmallows, but it worked great. (I think super-glue would work too, I’m just scared of it.)

This project seriously cost $1 for us to make – the price of a bag of large marshmallows.

We delivered these to our friends yesterday and the girls had a blast. It was our way of letting our friends know that we were thinking of them this Christmas season. You should try them. They really turned out so cute and it’s totally a craft that any of us can do.

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