A {Just Dance Disney Party} Christmas Miracle

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So when my girls found out we were getting to review Just Dance 4 they were pretty excited. But when they found out we were getting to review Just Dance Disney Party? Well, that was a whole different level of excitement.

The primary reason for their excitement is that they know EVERY. SINGLE. SONG on the game. There are songs from classic movies like Mary Poppins to new shows like Shake It Up. And I like it because I don’t have to worry about the words to songs being inappropriate for them to be listening to over and over and over…

The game definitely targets kids – I would even say younger kids. Cameran (6) absolutely loved playing the Disney Party version. The moves are easier, more repetitive, and the songs are shorter. And she actually WON several games she played against Adam and Alaina.Cami's turnSpeaking of Alaina: Oh dear, this child, she is CRAZY playing these Just Dance games. And while she loves the music on this Disney version, the time between songs moves a little too slow for her. You have to pick your avatar with each song and you can’t have a profile like in the normal Just Dance games. So high scores aren’t specific to players – just a record of the score by someone, anyone. Regardless, she still had (and continues to have) a blast playing.Hewlett-PackardKnow who else likes the game? This guy.

Hewlett-PackardWhile he normally just stomps his foot and spins around, he totally doesn’t care. And actually, the last time we played, he scored over 3,000 points! Which is pretty amazing for a toddler doing circles and waving his arms around. 🙂 (I know, the video would have been great, but I had to use Alaina’s camera and the sound didn’t pick up well so just wasn’t worth including. Once I find our battery charger I’ll tape him again and post it. You’ll want to come back for that one. 🙂 )

Here’s the thing I love most about Just Dance Disney Party: our entire family plays together. And we have fun. And no one fights. Did you read that?! AND NO ONE FIGHTS.

It’s a Christmas miracle, y’all. A freaking Christmas miracle.



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