The family that dances together…

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The first time I ever played Just Dance was at a family Thanksgiving celebration two years ago just two weeks after Lucas was born. I had wanted to play since I heard there was such a game. (I *love* to dance!) But alas, we had no Wii.

At that point, I decided that I just had to have this game.

Fast forward one year: we still had no Wii. So we decided to buy one as a family Christmas gift last year. And of course, the *only* game I wanted was the then-current Just Dance 3, so Adam got it for me for Christmas.

Some of the things I love about Just Dance? Dancing to good music, beating my husband’s high scores, playing together as a whole family and using it as exercise.

Some of the things I love about the new Just Dance 4? THE SAME THINGS! 🙂

I mean, really, when else are you going to get a video of your husband dancing to “Call Me Maybe?”

The girls are loving the new music and dance moves. I was actually expecting the same type of dance moves from the previous version – but they are totally original and (I think) harder than the previous version. (Or maybe I’m just totally out of shape. Nah, must be harder.)

Even Adam found a song after the girls went to bed to play by himself – “The Final Countdown” danced onscreen by two wrestlers. Of course Adam would find this song.

This Thanksgiving? We’re taking Just Dance 4 with us on our holiday trip north to stay with family. My plan (because I think I can win) is to have a Just Dance 4 championship bracket with all the family members (kids included). So during halftime of the Cowboys’ football game, we’re playing a serious game of Just Dance 4. Where I will be crowned victor.

You can get your own copy of Just Dance 4 in retail stores everywhere, including Amazon (affiliate link) and Toys R Us.


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