Unexpected news

Six-ish weeks ago…

I called Adam at work, blurting out I was pregnant, crying uncontrollably and then apologizing uncontrollably. And then I called him back a few hours later apologizing for totally losing it and dropping news like that on him in the middle of the day at work.

Then he brought me these six beautiful roses on his way home from work. Six because that will be the new number of members in our family. Because even though we were done having kids, he loves me and this new life inside me. And he knew I was severely struggling with this unexpected news.


I’m not going to lie: I’m still struggling a bit. Like I said, we had decided we were done. We had “moved on” from this part of our lives and really ready to see what was next for our family and our marriage.

But God has another vision. The problem? I can’t quite see it. I can’t really see my future life with another child. I had already mentally and emotionally stepped into what I thought our future was going to be, with our current three kids. Though I’m starting, just this week, to get small, quick glimpses of a very brief moment with a baby. Like walking from the car to church with Lucas and an infant. But that’s all I’ve got.

The good thing? I know that God’s vision is perfect. In my mind, even in my heart, I know it. Deep down, I totally know that God has a perfect plan for my life and the life of my family.

And honestly, embracing this is the only thing I can do at this point. It’s real. And although totally unplanned, it’s totally happening. Embrace it, right? Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do.

I think, like this pregnancy, we’ll wait to see the baby’s gender until birth. Seems fitting to start life outside as a surprise as well.

So, I’m almost 12 weeks, due May 12th. In case you were wondering. 🙂 Oh, and if you have maternity clothes I could borrow, I would be indebted to you forever. Because, obviously, I gave away all mine after baby #2, because I was done having kids.

21 thoughts on “Unexpected news

  1. Hoosier Party Girl

    Congrats, Katie! I think with such a surprise, I would NOT want any more surprises. I think we often do not see the total picture even when we think we have a vision and a plan in place. I am sure it is going to be full of wonderfulness that you did not anticipate.

  2. Joanne

    Congratulations! I am not exaggerating when I say I know how you feel! I spent the first several weeks of my last pregnancy freaking the freak out. But now she is one and I can’t imagine our lives without her. It will all work out, I just know it.

  3. Miranda Stull

    As always, I really love your honesty. Congratulations to you. I know I haven’t personally seen you in a long time, but I always thought and still think that you are a really strong Christian woman and that you are equipped for this, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Keep writing and we will keep reading.

    1. Katie White Post author

      the girls are super excited. now. the first thing alaina said was “we’re having another?” in this totally unexcited manor. then she started crying because it meant she was going to have to share a room for the rest of time. and then she snapped out of it and now it’s all she talks about. 🙂

  4. Katie @ Heart Gone Walking

    Wow! Congrats and I know. It’s so exciting because you have LIFE inside of you and I know because I know how this news can totally catch you off-guard and mess with you for awhile. But now I wish I had hugged you longer at Aldi’s. 🙂

  5. Deb Baresic

    Gods plan is so right and real that I dreamed it the day before you told us. Has to be perfect, huh? Just another sweet grandchild for us to love!

  6. FairyTaleMom

    Yay! More Indy Geek Girl Babies!

    We aren’t supposed to know the plan, it’s in His hands. We, your friends, family and loved ones will be here with whatever you need as we welcome an unexpected blessing.

    I’m so very happy for you.

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