Mosquito bite cure!

We have always had so many mosquitoes in our yard. It’s like we live in a freaking forest or something. And everyone in my family gets eaten alive every spring, summer and fall.

Somehow, over the years, we learned the secret to making mosquito bites vanish. Yes! VANISH!


I’m totally serious. If you get a mosquito bite, rub deodorant 3-4 times over the bite as soon as possible. The faster you get to the bite the better it works.

Today, I was bitten several times while picking veggies out of the garden. I put deodorant on my bites and within three hours every one of my bites was gone. Itch and all. Here’s proof:


Of course, we still use bug spray before we go outside, but on those days we forget, or when the kids bolt outside without spray, we rub deodorant on newly bitten body parts right when they come inside.

For those of you wondering how it works? Deodorant contains some form of aluminum chloride which somehow neutralizes the itch and the swelling from mosquito bites. Pretty cool, huh?


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7 thoughts on “Mosquito bite cure!

  1. JAMIE

    look at the area between forefinger and thumb hmmm does your deoderant contain miracle anti wrinkle formula also

    or is this somebody elses hand

    i tried lynx deoderant i tried impulse i tried cologne and all they do is itch even more CURSE YOU!!!

    1. katie Post author

      Nope, just deodorant, on my hand. I just didn’t have my thumb and forefinger spread apart the same in the two pictures.

      And I have used Secret (mine) and Mitchum (my husband’s) and both of them work. I used Secret on a bite just the other day in fact.


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