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Going through {Super Bowl Village} withdrawal.

Yep, already.

I mean really, like you didn’t know this was coming after my State Fair obsession.

The Super Bowl (THE SUPER BOWL!!!!) is in my city (MY CITY!!!!).

The Numbers

It’s so exciting. And with this amazing weather in Indy, we have been trying to fully take advantage of this experience.

Where else can you see free concerts several times a day every day?

Our friends' band Kramus at the kick-off concert.

You should really go over to YouTube and watch Lucas dancing at his first concert too.

Where else can you stroll along 49ers Street through Super Bowl Village to see the IndyCars all dolled up with the NFL team logos?

Of course the main drag of Super Bowl Village is renamed 49ers Drive!

Adam and the girls with their beloved Cowboys car

Where else can you give Peyton Manning a high five?

Adam getting a high five!

Where else can you become a player for your favorite team?

Bring it on!

Where else will your girls actually try “boy” things and still love each other at the end of the night?

Alaina attempting a 10 yard PAT

They're as obsessed as I am...

We were supposed to go back today. But Lucas woke up an absolute sick mess (too much Super Bowl festivities maybe?) so we decided to stay home. And I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on something!

So tomorrow? Guess where I’m planning on taking the kids?

You got it. Two miles south to bask in the glory of Super Bowl Village. Again. ‘Cause I think I’m addicted.

(Yes, as long as Lucas feels better, of course. I mean, I wouldn’t be *that* mom. Would I?)

And the flowers and the trees.

Because you had to know that the birds and the bees talk never just goes away…

I proceeded that night to tell Adam about our lunchtime chat and his first response (besides laughing through the whole recount) was “Now we’ll be the talk of the 4th grade lunch table.” My response? “No, I’m sure she will totally forget about it.”

I don’t know if Alaina said anything at school. (I haven’t gotten any emails or calls from her teacher or classmates’ parents. Yet.) But if you were at Chick-fil-A the following night for dinner, during FAMILY NIGHT where every single family in Indy was eating dinner that night, you might have overheard this:

Alaina: Daddy, I know how you get pregnant now.

Adam (trying to ignore her): Yeah. (shoves more food in his mouth and turns away from her)

Alaina: And it’s GROSS.

Adam: Please, don’t talk about it any more.

Me: Alaina, remember, this is something that is personal and private. We don’t talk about it here.

Alaina: But I know, Daddy, and it’s really gross.

Both Adam and I together: Alaina! Enough! Stop talking about it!

Alaina (smiling, of course): Okay. Then I’m going to go play.

I mean, really, enough talking about it already my sweet child. I already envision you telling telling the babysitter last night and all the girls at school *exactly* how sperm gets to the egg. And, maybe a little too much information but, it’s also not great for the ambiance to think about you talking about “that sex” when in the moment.

So let’s move on, shall we?

The birds and the bees.

Oh yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking.

Today at lunch, we had THE TALK.

It all started with a random conversation about periods (I really can’t remember even how that started) and why a woman has one. And since we’ve been talking about possibly trying to have another baby, Alaina (who’s 9) quickly took the “a woman has a period so that she can get pregnant” to “how does a woman get pregnant so you can get pregnant.”

I was really hoping that “the sperm fertilizes the egg” answer would work.

But of course, it didn’t. Here’s a bit of our conversation:

A: Where does the sperm and egg come from?

Me: The sperm comes from a man and the egg comes from a woman.

A (after some quick thinking): But how does the sperm get into a woman then?

Me: Are you sure you want to talk about this right now?

A: Yes, I want to know how a woman gets pregnant, so you can get pregnant.

Me (trying really hard not to giggle like a schoolgirl and hoping to not have to go into further detail): God made boys and girls different – boys have a penis and girls have a vagina, so they can have sex and make babies.

A: But how does the sperm get into the woman’s body?

Me: Are you sure you want to hear this?

A: Yes, yes I am. (and holding her fingers near her ears goes on:) I’m ready to plug my ears if I don’t want to hear any more.

Me (laughing, because for some reason, I just can’t NOT laugh): The penis goes into the vagina.

A: EWWWWW!!!!  EWWWWWW!!!! (And a minute later:) So you and daddy did that sex with me and Cami and Luke?!

Me: Yes Alaina.

A: Why haven’t we ever seen you do that sex?

Me (laughing hysterically at this point because of the look on Alaina’s face): Because sex is something that’s personal and private.

A: Well have that sex thing so you can get pregnant again! Do it mom! Do it!

So what did you talk about at lunch today? 🙂

And make it worth it.

I’m starting to wonder about this blogging thing. Why people do it. Really, why other people do it.

It just seems more and more lately that bloggers are trying to one up each other – I don’t like my kids more than you, I work and it’s harder and I’m not lazy, I stay at home and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, my day sucked wah-wah-wah – rather than really writing.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, write about whatever you want. It’s your blog after all.

But don’t write it just to sound like you don’t have it together so that other moms will either distastefully respond or praise you like you’re the only mom who has ever said things are hard. Oh, and then they can share your post and you can get TONS of page views.

Because that’s really why you’re writing it right? For more page views? I mean, does it really do anything for your kids to tell them online, publicly, that you don’t like them? Does it make you LIKE your kids more by bitching about them and not trying to really figure out how to make your relationship and parenting better?

Dude, I’ve been there. I’ve even written things somewhat like this. But not to get views, because seriously, I’m not read by that many people. I’ve written those posts to try to better understand my children and to better understand myself, as a mother and a woman. I pray that is your intention as well. Because it really doesn’t seem like it lately. And I’m kind of tired of reading about it.

Write about something else every once in awhile. Try to write about something you love to do. (Dude, I love to sing and dance. And one day, I’ll write about how bad I probably am, but totally don’t care.) Write about what you’ve learned from your crappy day instead of just complaining about it. At least try to make it funny if you’re going to complain – joke about your joke of a day to at least make it appealing for me to read.

Just stop complaining and “page view wanting” EVERY. SINGLE. POST.

Show me that your blogging and sharing has taught you something about yourself (more than you just know how to complain).

Just. Write. 

And make it worth it.

Mario Kart Widow

That’s me.

I should have known this would happen.

We bought ourselves girls a Wii for Christmas. We’ve been wanting to get one for a few years, but just didn’t want to spend the money. So when we found it for under $100 this year, we couldn’t pass it up.

So we bought Just Dance 3 on the cheap from Amazon and a couples games off Craig’s List, Mario Kart being one of them.

Again, I should have known.

I mean, my husband played Tecmo Bowl well into his “real world” post-college days and for our wedding gift, get this: His dad and step-mom gave us a check for a Play Station – yes, written in the memo line of the check.

So 11 years later we bought our first gaming system since that Play Station and in the 10 days since we the girls opened it, he has gone from playing it well into the night after I go to bed, to playing right after the kids go to bed and then again after we watch any nightly shows. Oh, and still plays well after I go to bed.

He loves me. I know he does. He maybe, just maybe, loves video games more. 🙂

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