Strawberries. In an egg carton.

Yep. Strawberries in an egg carton.

We LOVE strawberries in our home. And, if you’ve been buying tons of strawberries recently thanks to the great sales, you’ve probably been getting totally ticked off about how quickly they are going rotten. I bought 2 packages of strawberries last week and within 2 days both packages were 1/2 moldy. IN TWO DAYS.

Wanna know how to keep those strawberries fresh longer?

Store them in egg cartons.

Right when you get home, transfer your (unwashed) strawberries into egg cartons. Strawberries go bad faster when touching other strawberries. Solution? Don’t let them touch.

So don’t throw away your egg cartons and keep taking advantages of those sales. (Target has them on sale for $1.97 right now by the way.)


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