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Strawberries. In an egg carton.

Yep. Strawberries in an egg carton.

We LOVE strawberries in our home. And, if you’ve been buying tons of strawberries recently thanks to the great sales, you’ve probably been getting totally ticked off about how quickly they are going rotten. I bought 2 packages of strawberries last week and within 2 days both packages were 1/2 moldy. IN TWO DAYS.

Wanna know how to keep those strawberries fresh longer?

Store them in egg cartons.

Right when you get home, transfer your (unwashed) strawberries into egg cartons. Strawberries go bad faster when touching other strawberries. Solution? Don’t let them touch.

So don’t throw away your egg cartons and keep taking advantages of those sales. (Target has them on sale for $1.97 right now by the way.)


I’m linking up with The Diaper Diaries for Things I Love Thursday!

I take it back.

Remember when I said Baby Jedi was photogenic?

Well, I take it back.

Here’s what happened on Saturday, his 10 month birthday. I sat him down to take a pic and he lunged at me.


Let’s try that again.

I'll eat you!


Oooh! What's that?

COME ON dude.

Oooh look! A camera!

Alright. I’m trying TWO. MORE. TIMES. That’s it.

Ha! Almost. Tricked ya!

Seriously Lucas. This is the LAST try. Please let me get a picture of you on your 10 month birthday.


It’ll have to do, silly face and all.

Phew. It’s a good thing this boy is cute. I sure do love him.

I’m linking up with The Diaper Diaries for Things I Love Thursday.

Things I would do if…

I always find myself not doing something because of one reason or another. Sometimes it’s totally a good thing – like not slapping my children when they talk back for the eleventybillionth time because that would be so wrong. And I’d feel horrible. And then they’d get taken away from me by CPS. And then my husband would never get to let my son suck on his beer can again…

Seriously, my husband never thinks this gets old...

But, there are many other things I don’t do that aren’t so horrible. Or maybe they are, but seem funny to me, in some weird, twisted way. Like…

I would so burn my house down so that I could build a new, more perfect, house right in the same spot with my big, urban yard, except I’d be put in jail and then my family would have NO house to live in.

See the pattern? Here’s another.

I would smoke again, but I’m pretty sure I would get hooked right away and not be able to stop. Yes, I know it’s bad for me, but I’m being honest here…

I would take dance classes, if I wasn’t so scared of how bad I’d be in front of all those other people in the class. (Wouldn’t it be fun if you saw me on SYTYCD?!?!)

I would get a perm, if you all wouldn’t make fun of me. Seriously, I loved this summer-after-having-a-baby-curl thing I had going! But now it’s mostly gone. Sad.

I would move, somewhere warm, if my husband would go with me and the parents wouldn’t hate me for taking away their grandkids.

I would totally have another baby, if I didn’t have to raise another child. Seems to be some link there though…

I would tell you how completely horrible I am at knowing important things/dates in history, if it didn’t make me look dumb.

Oops. (I’m really NOT dumb. I’m actually quite smart. I just am not proficient in history.)

And see, now if my house ever DOES really burn down I’ll be blamed for arson. Ugh, maybe I am dumb…

So what is your “I would ___________ if ____________”?