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Ranting. Pissed off ranting.

Today sucks. Already. And it’s only 10:11 am.


You know when you make a choice, a BIG choice? You know *maybe* like whether or not you should quit your job and be a stay-at-home mom after #3 is born? And you wonder for *maybe* nine months whether you did the right thing? And then BAM! Yep, you realize you made the right choice because of all the crap you really don’t want to deal with anymore?

Yeah, me too. I guess that’s what happens when you still do contract work and not really cut all ties. And believe me, I would go on but I really don’t want to get sued. (That’s a whole other post: things I’d do if “X” wouldn’t happen.)

But shouldn’t that make you happy? And not totally pissed off?

And then you read an article about how effed up one of your State Representatives is that makes you even more pissed off? I mean seriously. “Hanging on a tree?” Ugh.

And wanna know why it just rained in Indy? Because I watered my garden yesterday.

And I’m pretty sure my cat is dying. The $74 steroid shot he got yesterday for “maybe allergic bronchitis” doesn’t seem to be working for this wheezing cough thing he’s got going on. Oh, and my dog did this same thing and we found out he had a tumor the size of a softball growing in his neck. So, really, the outlook doesn’t seem so good.

Maybe I’m just PMSing. Though I don’t know if that’s it cuz she’s still on vacay. Which I’m NOT complaining about, but I guess I can’t really blame it on that then huh?

Wanna know what’s NOT going to make me feel better? Shiney Christian music on the radio. GAG. Or doing the 1,400 loads of laundry that need done today. Or doing the dishes. Maybe I should take a mental health day.

It’s really too bad the State Fair is over. I bet some fried veggies and a bunch of farm animals would make me happy.

I *might* need an intervention.

I love the Indiana State Fair. I get so excited each and every August when Fair time rolls around.

Now I am definitely a city girl, but I love to imagine living in the country on a farm with TONS of animals (primarily horses) and a huge massive garden. And the Fair, well it allows me to pretend for just a little bit that I’m living that dream.

Let me tell you that I’ve never been more than twice in one year before this year. It costs $8 per person (6 years old and up) just to get in the fairgrounds, so that has always limited us in the number of times we could visit.

But for some reason I wanted to go A LOT this year. So I started entering contests on blogs to win tickets. And I won. Twice. For a grand total of six tickets.

So the first night the entire family went for only $3 thanks to a free ticket promotion in the Indy Star newspaper (buy a paper, get a free ticket and since Cami & Baby Jedi are under 6, we only needed three tickets).

The next two times I took the kids for free thanks to the tickets I won from Indiana’s Family of Farmers and Inexpensively.

But then the husband unit wanted to go again. (ok, twist my arm to make me go for the FOURTH time in 8 days.) So we had two free tickets left and today was AAA member day, so we were able to go for free again.

It was almost like we had an Indiana State Fair membership. It was like, the best 8 days ever.

We consumed:

  • 4 Dairy Bar kids meals (seriously, $4 for grilled cheese, apple slices, yogurt and chocolate milk!)
  • Fried Veggies (all for me baby, all for me)
  • 2 corn dogs
  • 4 chocolate shakes (free by playing a Beango! game)
  • 2 elephant ears and 1 funnel cake (thanks to having carnie friends!)

    Special thanks to our awesome friend Will who instructs all his workers to give us free fried deliciousness!

I mean where else will a calf try to nurse from your daughter’s knee?

And where else does your 9 mo old’s stank face fit in EVERYWHERE?

Or get a big ole pout from the 5 yo because she doesn’t want to be the boy in the wooden cut-out?

Or have goats attack the 9 mo old through their cages because they think he’s going to feed them?

And seriously, you’ve probably been at the Fair too many times when your baby has napped more in the stroller than in his bed.

As we said goodbye to the Fair today, I think I started going through withdrawal before we even left the parking lot. I could stay with the horses the entire 17 day run of the Fair. (They’re my favorite. Hands down. And I’m thinking next year I need to find some horse-showing friends that I can hang out with for a week in the saddle barn. Anyone?)

But then I got home and saw on Twitter that there’s FREE ADMISSION on Friday. And so maybe today wasn’t my last visit…

I think I *might* have an addiction. And I *might* need an intervention.

Momma loves her some fried veggies.

It’s been a long day.

I’m not sure what it is. I woke up fine, after 7am (which is great since for awhile Baby Jedi was awake by 6am each day). But the moment I got out of the shower at 8:15am, something snapped.

I’m not sure what happened. But I started in on the girls (for decent reasons) and then my mood crashed. Big time. I was short with Adam and the girls about the house being such a mess. “We DO have a chore chart now. It SHOULD be working better since we all know our responsibilities.” (Really wanting to say that the girls’ toys are still all over the house even though picking up toys is a nightly chore and that Adam still didn’t put away the clean dishwasher and the dishes were overflowing out of the sink.)

I think this summer is wearing on me. Being together non-stop for the first time ever. This is the first summer I haven’t worked, therefore the first summer the girls have spent every single day, all day, with each other. And with me. I think it’ll be better once school starts. I hope I see a difference in a couple weeks.

Or I’ll need to go back to work. Which I don’t think I want to do. But I don’t want to be like this. Maybe it’s just the stress of starting a new (very part-time) gig last week and still keeping up with the end of my other (very part-time) gig.

That may be one of the reasons I’m feeling out of it. For the first time I’m actually preparing to really not work for the school. It’s been almost 4 years since I started there. And I loved that job. But I’m seeing that I let it define me too much. Kinda like I let my family define me.

Today I read a post by my friend Emily about treating yourself. You know, little things that make you feel good, because you’re worth it. And after reading it, I’ve decided apparently I don’t do it enough, because I couldn’t think of anything I had done for myself lately and also? Because I’m not feeling so good.

So I think I’ll change that. Tonight.

We’re going to the Indiana State Fair tonight. (Which I LOVE!!!!) And I’m going to get fried veggies to eat. Even though they’ll tear up my stomach tomorrow. Even though my husband despises spending money at the fair. Momma loves her some fried veggies.

And sometimes it’s just the littlest thing that kicks your butt back into gear. Mine just happens to be the fair and fried veggies.

Re-Post: Breastfeeding: The (Hard) Truth

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week I’m reposting this, originally written in May. It was so good for me, personally, to write and I received some great feedback as well.

When I had my first baby nearly 9 years ago, I knew I wanted to breastfeed her. I knew nutritionally that it was the best option and let’s be honest, it’s free. What I didn’t know was how hard it was going to be, physically and emotionally.

I’m now nursing my third child and am reminded (again) of the truth about breastfeeding: It. Is. Hard.

And no one tells you so.

I think no one tells you how hard it is because they don’t want to scare you away from trying. For some people, this may be the case. For me, knowledge is power. And knowing what to expect, and that MANY others go through the EXACT same thing, is beneficial to me. And keeps me going.

So I’m laying it on the table. I’m telling you the truth about my breastfeeding experience. I hope it gives you the strength and confidence to try breastfeeding and keep with it.

  • Nursing is natural. It’s how God made our bodies. BUT, it doesn’t feel natural at first. Having a baby suck on your boob for the first time is weird. Sorry, but it’s just an odd feeling. And…
  • Let’s face it. Your boobs are big. (Even little boobs are big when you’re pregnant and even bigger when your milk comes in.) And your precious little baby’s mouth is not. It takes a ton of practice to make sure your baby opens his mouth big and wide before latching on. The bigger the mouthful, the less it…
  • Hurts. When your milk comes in a couple days after delivery, it will hurt. Your boobs will be engorged (filled with your baby’s yummy milk) and when baby nurses and your milk lets down? Well, breathe. Don’t hold your breath. Breathe through it. And relax your shoulders. I’m pretty sure that letting down during the first few weeks is one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve experienced. When your milk regulates and you aren’t engorged, it’s not painful. You just have to get through those first few weeks.
  • Use lanolin. Religiously. Starting after the first time you nurse until your nipples are used to the action they’re getting. It’s like chapstick for your nipples. Believe me. It’s a lifesaver.
  • Don’t stand facing the shower without first covering your nipples for the first few weeks. It seems silly, but your nipples are tender and shower heads are not friendly during this time.
  • But, warm showers are great when you feel tired and your breasts are engorged. Stand facing the shower with your nipples covered and let the water gently massage your breasts.
  • It is okay to fall asleep while nursing your baby. I promise you that if you lean your head back and close your eyes in the rocker while nursing, you will not drop your baby if you fall asleep. I have woken up an hour later in the exact same position with baby still latched on (or not).
  • A tip if you don’t like nursing pads: When you start to let down, press on your nipple and you won’t leak 9 out of 10 times. I don’t know why this works, but my mom told me this trick with my 2nd and it works like a charm. (I guess it’s something you learn after working in women’s health for so long.)
  • Pump. If your baby sleeps through the night, pump in the morning so you’re not full of milk and leaking endlessly. If you leave baby with Dad or a sitter, don’t miss a feeding. Pump when you can (before and/or after you leave) so your body doesn’t make less milk. If you don’t want to buy a pump, borrow a friend’s or rent one.
  • I only nursed on one side at each feeding for all three of my kids. I think it gives the other breast more time to recoup before nursing again. All of my kids were nourished and grew perfectly fine. (And there’s plenty of research that supports this way as another breastfeeding option.)
  • TALK about any problems/concerns you might be having. Call a lactation consultant – all hospitals have one and your doctor can recommend one also. Call a friend who has breastfed a baby. I’m always available. And willing. It will help – maybe you have a problem that your friend has an answer for. And if not? At least you have a friend who will listen. It’s amazing how much that will do for your soul.
  • Breastfeeding is a commitment. A big one. But so worth it.

Remember, not all babies nurse easily. Not all women produce milk easily. Don’t take it personally. YOU HAVE NOT FAILED. There is a reason that formula was invented. You need to be the best mom you can be. And if nursing is stressing you out to a point that’s not healthy and you feel you’ve exhausted all options, IT’S OKAY. Stop breastfeeding. Your baby will love you just as much.

Please, add to my list if you have another suggestion or tip. The more, the merrier the breastfeeding mom will be. 🙂