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You do Bon Iver. We do Taylor Swift.

I’ve seen friends go to many concerts this summer, including The Black Keys, The National and Sufjan Stevens. While I’m a fan of each, I have a secret. One I’ve been playing down for quite awhile now because it’s just not “cool.”

My girls love Taylor Swift.

And I mean L! O! V! E! Taylor Swift. They’ve been huge fans for years. Alaina has her CDs and Cami was 2 years old singing “Love Story” in the car.

Go ahead. Say what you will.  You can make those disapproving faces and laugh about my girls liking Taylor Swift’s music. But I can’t fault two little girls for liking the music of a young woman who sings fun and pretty songs. And I won’t make them feel like they aren’t cool because they love it either.

So on Friday night my mom and I took the girls to see Taylor Swift in concert in Indy.

"Girls Night" according to Cami

And let me tell you: It was wonderful. It really was a great concert. My mom and I danced and sang with the girls and spent a priceless evening together. (Not once did I worry about what Taylor Swift was going to wear or sing or say in front of my 8 and 5 year old girls. That’s saying something.)

Alaina sees Taylor Swift for the first time. And freaks!

Me & Cami

And while I’m sure I would have been “cooler” going to the recent Bon Iver concert, I’m not trying to impress you anymore. No more justifying why I bought the tickets to make it seem like it was no big deal. 

Because it was a big deal. My girls think I’m cool. And that’s all that matters.

Fun summer activities, shared.

This is my first summer as a stay at home mom. And while it’s been over 8 months since I made the transition from the workplace, it seems like a whole new game now that it’s summer and school doesn’t take up most of our time.

This is also the first summer I’ve been on a strict budget. So having all this time and not much funds has been a bit trying at times. But we’re making it work, trying to get out of our house and backyard as much as possible. And here’s how.

  • Spray parks. They are free and the kids love them on a hot day. If you are in Indy, click here to find one close to you. Or try a new one like we did today. We met 6 other moms and packed a lunch. It was a great time – I could connect with friends while the kids played.
  • Weekend camping! It takes a day to prepare and a day to recoup – so it’s a Friday through Monday type of event, which leaves us only 3 other days in the week. 🙂 And it’s cheap trip – last weekend, we went camping and spent $100 for the whole weekend (campsite, gas, food, etc.). The kids have so much fun. Even in the heat. By a fire. Telling scary stories.
  • Go to your local library. There are always a ton of free activities and it’s a great place to hide from the heat. The IMCPL has a summer reading program and free movies offered at almost every branch throughout the summer. Most have other activities too, like storytime and mobile science labs.
  • Symphony on the Prairie – it’s so much fun and my husband children learn to appreciate classical music. We go early and take a big blanket and a cooler full of food and drinks. The girls dance to the music in the grass and we have a wonderful evening. There are concerts almost every weekend throughout the summer. (You can click here for the schedule. My faves are Time for Three and Music of the Beetles.) There is even an “instrument petting zoo” where the kids get to touch and play some instruments and face painting some nights!
  • We also go to public pools. The one nearest to us is $3 for adults and $2 for kids 3+. So for $7 we can spend the whole afternoon at the pool. Oh, and my kids sleep like rocks that night too.
  • Check out local museums on super hot days. This weekend our whole family went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Which is FREE by the way. (Except that they are going to start charging for parking in September.) The girls love seeing art from all over the world (my favorite is the Asian gallery) and you can blow 2 hours, easily, in that place. Plus, there’s also 100 Acres – where you can run around the grounds on trails (and off) and see fun art installations out in nature. (Baby Jedi thinks it’s peaceful.)
  • And of course we always hit the zoo and museum. Indianapolis has an amazing zoo and Children’s Museum that you should totally visit. We buy an annual pass for our family, which hurts a bit when renewal rolls around each year, but is so wonderful when we need something to do that will appease all three kids.

Don’t forget to use your Groupon or other daily deal vouchers too. We’ll get to go rock wall climbing and painting this summer also thanks to previously purchased deals.

What do you do to keep occupied during the summer? I’d love some new ideas. Please share. 🙂


Top Ten Tuesday

Thought I’d join in on the Top Ten Tuesday fun with 10 reasons why it’s okay to have a drink at 1:08 pm on a Tuesday.

  1. There’s nothing else to drink. Our fridge is empty. I was going to go to the store last night and then Adam remembered it was the guys’ monthly “Movie Night” at a neighbor’s house. Then I was going to go this morning, but a friend needed some kiddo help and I thought that was more important. Until now. When I’m hungry and thirsty.
  2. I was up before 6am with Baby Jedi.
  3. I had to miss a work meeting this morning because I couldn’t find a sitter. Oh the joys of (normally) working from home…
  4. #1 disobeyed our “no talking to Mom or Dad when on the phone” rule and while trying to get my attention, proceeded to knock off my (full) bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup off the table and onto: the dining room rug, my skirt, 2 chairs, a bench, the table, Baby Jedi’s highchair AND the wall.
  5. #2 whined and cried all morning while her friends were over because she wasn’t getting her way.
  6. It’s H.O.T. It currently feels like 97 degrees outside.
  7. It’s 81 degrees (downstairs) in my house, thanks to no central air. Our AC unit is workin’ its butt off these last 2 days. (Upstairs, it’s well over 85 degrees…)
  8. It sure would make all this cleaning I need to do more fun.
  9. It’s summertime. There are no rules about drinking during the summer right?
  10. Because I wanna. And some days you just feel like this:

So I put Baby Jedi down for a nap (where he then cried for almost 20 minutes because he can’t stand to be away from me for 10 seconds), sent the girls to their rooms for some quiet time and poured myself an ice-cold caffiene-free Diet Pepsi. You know, because I have three kids I have to take care of today…