I am not photogenic.

Nope, not me. Not in the least bit. Last night with some friends, I saw some pictures of me that were hysterical. This one had the entire table of women laughing.

Honestly, cameras just don’t love me.

But my kids? This one would win Miss Photogenic.

And the next? See for yourself.

And now for the baby boy. Following in his photogenic sisters’ ways…

We’re getting ready to buy a new camera this weekend (our camera is breaking from 5 years of hard wear and tear). I’m excited to see how the kids’ pics look through a GOOD camera. Maybe it’ll do something for me too. 🙂

4 thoughts on “I am not photogenic.

  1. Lynne Brown

    I think you take good pics Katie!! Your kids are naturals at it, though. I liked your Mom’s vacation pics too.

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